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LQM I5 Plus Smart Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Screen Fitness Tracker Health Sport Wristband Sleep Monitor TPU Material (Black)


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1. Display Health Parameters
This Smart Bracelet can display the time, steps, distance and calorie clearly. Let you know your sports data right now!

2. Snyc Sports Data
When Bluetooth paired, you can sync your data to it.

3. Sleep Monitoring
Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motions every night (including light sleep and deep sleep).

4. Push Reminder(Support Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Message,Line,SMS etc.)
When you have calls or SMS, the smart bracelet will vibrate to remind you.

5. Remote Capture
You can take photos of whole family without other help, just use “remote capture” function.

6. Looking Phone
When you can’t find your phone, our smart bracelet will be useful! As long as you use the “looking phone” function .

1. Bluetooth 4.0 low-power smart bracelet
2. Dual-mode control: touch control
3. Unique USB charging design,can be filled 45 minutes (by using the 5V, 1A regular charger)
4. APP Support – applications from app store Download “Zeroner”
5. The lithium-ion battery: 75mAH, Working hours: 5 to 7 days (longer battery life)
6. Note:Do not fit for shower or swimming.

Important Important usage tips(follow this tip will resolve all cellphone connection problems):
When first time use ,bluetooth need to pairing 2 times
(a.Open APP “Zeroner”, and search wristband then connect,will show dialog”cellphone with pairing”
b.go to your cellphone buletooth setting,ignore wristband, then continue step a)

Product Features

  • Comfortable Wear: The device is very comfortable to wear as it is made almost entirely out of silicone and is very smooth. Attach it to your wrist is very easy as everything just sort of snaps into place thanks to the stretchy silicone material;
  • [Function Video]: [Operation Video]: [APP Video]: Designed for Healthy Life: Steps Counting, Find Your Phone, Camera Remote Control, Sedentary Reminder, SMS Reminding, Call Reminder, Incoming Calls Show, Calories Burned Measuring, Sleep Management;
  • USB Connect: The whole front piece pulls away from the band and doubles as a USB stick. You connect this directly to your computer or a USB device to charge the built-in battery. This is also how you can connect it to your computer and unload data,if blue light Twinkle Twinkle , shows ok, and when full power, light off;when have steps in app zeroner and get SMS from cellphone, this shows sync ok;
  • Push Reminder:Support Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Message,Line,SMS etc.
  • Fit For: iphone 4S or above (iphone 4S, iphone 5, iphone 5S, iphone 5C, iTouch5, ipad3, ipad4, ipad air, ipad mini etc IOS 7.0 or above system) Android 4.3 or above, Bluetooth 4.0. Not Fit For: Lenovo, TCL, Asus phone

PantoSkin – Acne Treatment Supplement, Combat Blotchiness, Redness, Blackheads and Zits,50 capsules


Pantoskin’s 3-step system helps combat and prevent blemishes and breakouts with proven acne-fighting ingredients. The key ingredients in Pantoskin help support clear skin by decreasing oil production beneath the skin stopping the viscous acne producing cycle in its tracks. Second, the key ingredients in Pantoskin work on the inside your body to help combat the acne-aggravating effects of inflammation. Third, Pantoskin supports a radiant complexion by providing oil-free antioxidant nourishing botanicals and fruit extracts which help remove the potentially damaging effects of oxidizing agents on your skin. All without the use of harsh creams, lotions, or alcohols. Pantoskin’s three step non-topical system helps combat blemishes, pimples and zits and provides skincare benefits above and beyond what people generally would expect from an acne treatment. Don’t wait. Gain control over your complexion with PantoskinTM and get ready to reap all the benefits and self-confidence a clear and radiant complexion can give you.

Product Features

  • • CLEAR BLEMISHES – Pantoskin® provides proven acne fighting natural fruit and botanical extracts which help clear acne while at the same time improving the look of your complexion.
  • • PREVENT FUTURE BREAKOUTS – Pantoskin® stops breakouts in their tracks by using a 3-step system which helps to reduce excess oil, combat acne aggravating inflammation, and supoort your skin’s natural radiance.
  • • NO CREAMS OR LOTIONS – There are many topical acne treatments on the market but most of them leave your skin feeling dry and rough with visibly uneven texture and tone. With Pantoskin® there’s no need to sacrifice your other skin concerns just to combat your acne. Pantoskin® provides a convenient easy-to-swallow capsule that you can take anywhere.
  • Acne Supplement for Men, Women, Adults and Teens
  • • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We offer a 60-DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee – return even the empty bottles! We are so confident that you will love Pantoskin®, that we’ll refund every penny if you don’t like it. Simply contact Enyotics directly for a full refund. What do you have to lose?

CEO Strength Coach


Nationally recognized Strength and Conditioning Coach Ron McKeefery teaches you exactly how to become your own CEO Strength Coach. Coach McKeefery has served at both the Professional and Collegiate level. He is published in numerous industry publications and is a highly sought after speaker. This book not only tells Ron’s story; it teaches you how to avoid the mistakes he has made and leads you through the trials he faced prior to being honored as a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach and named Under Armour Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year. You will learn to become a TECHNICIAN in your field, why most coaches remain only technicians, how to become an effective MANAGER, and what it takes to be an ENTREPRENEUR in Strength and Conditioning. A detailed, step-by-step process is provided to ensure you don’t miss anything as you learn how to pursue a successful career. You will draw from his experiences in order to learn what it takes to not only be the best Strength and Conditioning Coach that you can possibly be; but you will also learn how to manage your time better, find room for a family life inside of a career that takes up more time than most, and how to ultimately be happy in all of the successes you achieve as a coach, no matter how big or small they may seem.

Premium Pet Gear Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash – Max Strength Stainless Steel Pet Dog Training Leash for Outdoor


New Health Trend for your Lovely Pet! Are you looking for a High Quality Bike Exerciser Leash for your furry friend? Then look no further than our Premium Pet Gear Bicycle Attachment leash for all Dogs! Premium Pet Gear High Quality Bike Exerciser Leash for Large and Small Dogs is a Lightweight, and Durable Military Grade Dog Bicycle trainer Leash. It features a unique design and has an exceptional build quality which makes it the perfect Training Trotter System for All Dogs. This Bicycle exerciser leash is perfect for use on Outdoor Walks with your furry friend. It is designed and manufactured to give you 100% convenience, maximum satisfaction and full value for your money. Premium Pet Gear High Quality Bike Exerciser Leash for Large and Small Dogs is safe and very convenient to use. It’s one touch lock and release allows for a seamless and quick installation on all bikes.

Product Features

  • EASY INSTALLATION : It’s one touch lock and release allows for a seamless and quick installation on all bikes. High Carbon Stainless steel for strength leash installs on virtually any bike in under 5 minutes Only.
  • DURABLE : High Quality Bike Exerciser Leash for Large and Small Dogs is a Lightweight and Durable, Military Grade Dog Bicycle trainer Leash
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE : Lets you safely walk your dog and ride your bike at the same time with adjustable leash length.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED : 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, We Will Replace Or Refund If You Have Any Concerns. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Liquid Vitamin D 3 – 2,000 IU per drop – 900 Servings – High Potency – PACK OF 2


Vitamin D is essential for the functioning of many important systems in the body, and recent research has suggested that we may need much more vitamin D than previously thought for optimum immune function and long-term health. Optimal Vitamin D3 Liquid is a pure and potent Vitamin D3 supplement in an olive oil base, providing 2000 IU of cholecalciferol per drop. Most people do not get sufficient vitamin D3 in their diet, and the synthetic vitamin D2 that is added to dairy products is an inferior form of this vital nutrient, usually added in too small of an amount. Vitamin D3 occurs naturally in fatty fish, cod liver oil, egg yolks, and beef liver. Optimal Vitamin D3 contains only cholecalciferol derived from cholesterol in sheep’s wool, making it suitable for vegetarians. Some factors that contribute to vitamin D deficiency include: Spending most of the day indoors Using sunscreen Wintertime & less sunny climates Darker skin tone (melanin blocks UVB rays, which produce vitamin D in the skin) Vitamin D deficiency symptoms vary depending on the individual, so consulting with a physician and testing vitamin D levels, as supplementing with too much vitamin D can cause elevated blood calcium levels which can have serious health effects. Measuring 25 hydroxy vitamin D levels is the preferred test for determining vitamin D deficiency. The liquid format of Optimal Vitamin D3 makes it simple to tailor the dose to fit your specific needs, and is easier to take than capsules, especially for small children. Optimal Vitamin D3 Liquid is free of major allergens, preservatives, and flavors. It contains no wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, fish, shellfish, or nuts.

Product Features

  • Physician Formulated Liquid Vitamin D. Hypoallergenic. BPA Free Container. No Plastic.
  • Potent Formula at 2,000 IU Vitamin D3 Per Drop. 60,000 IU per Dropperful! 900 Servings Per Container. Only Pennies Per day. Best priced D3 on the market.
  • Kids to Senior Citizens can easily accept a drop of great tasting Liquid Vitamin D3. No swallowing pills needed.
  • Pure. No preservatives, additives, colors, yeasts, egg, wheat, soy, fish, salt, sugar, corn or gluten.
  • Seeking Health Liquid Vitamin D3 is obtained from the lanolin that comes from the wool of unharmed sheep.

Agptek Portable Cross Fit Gymnastics Ring, Olympic Rings with High-Strength Straps for Full Body Strength and Cross Fit Training and Multi-Use Exercise Like Pull Up Dips, Iron Cross, Rows


A 100% brand new and high quality set of gymnastic rings.
Multiple Exercises: Push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups and many other more. Advanced design keeps the rings stable, allows for quick mounting, easy adjustment and light weight.
Challenge yourself with the muscle-up, a move that works every muscle of your upper body. The unique nature of the rings gives all of the exercises a fun, athletic feel. Nearly every exercise is more challenging when done on the rings.
It is also accessible for beginners for work out purpose. Straps are easily adjustable to suit your needs, can be easily tie and no need to use buckles.

Nylon Webbing Straps (W x L): 1.57 in X 7.87 ft;
Anti-skidding design
Pipe Diameter of the Ring: 1.18 in
External Diameter of the Ring: 8.27 in
Color: Black
Ring Material: High Grade ABS Plastic
Can stand above 550 lbs

Package Content
2x Gymnastic Rings
2x High-strength Nylon Webbing Straps (no buckles)

There may be some smell when you opened it the first time. It is better to put it in the well-ventilated place for 1 or 2 days before first use.

Product Features

  • SAFE AND STURDY: No buckle design, no buckle slippery or clamp snap problem to worry about.
  • HEAVY DUTY CAPACITY: Extra Nylon Webbing Straps maximum Loads up to 550lbs, meet most people requirement.
  • PORTABLE, EASY SET UP AND EASY ADJUST: providing you a great home gym substitute.
  • HIGH QUALITY GYM RINGS: The textured grip, which will reduce slippage associated with sweaty hands. It’s stronger, more durable and of higher quality material.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Buy with High Quality and Lifetime Warranty Guarantee.

Exercise Resistance Bands, Nestsun Exercise Bands Resistance Strap Fitness Cords Workout Bands for Working Out, Physical Therapy, Strength Weight Training with Door Anchor, Ankle & Wrist Strap, Bag


To aviod accendient, please carefully check the bands in good condition or not before use it.

Level of Resistance Band
Yellow -Extra Light 2-4 LBS
Blue -Light 4-6 LBS
Green -Medium 10-12 LBS
Black -Heavy 15-20 LBS
Red – Extea Heavy 25-30 LBS
You can combine different bands for a stronger resistance. Such as Red + Black = 40-50 LBS

Enjoy your exercise with Nestsun resistance bands

Economic. Say goodbye with unhealthy and expensive weight and exercise equipment. It’a a great ideal for physical therapy rehabilitation, weight loss, pilates and stretching, muscle toning and strengthening.

Adjustable Body Bands-Can be used as ankle resistance bands, knees resistance bands, legs resistance bands, thigh and wrists. Each part of your body can be fully exrecised.

One band with amazing function and lots of usage. Professional Physical Therapy Equipment Bands- Helps in recovery from torn MCL, torn ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. Can be used for strength, coordination and balance: isometrics exercises, monster walk, lateral walks, goblet squat, etc.

Light and compact for travel-The perfect solution when you want to exercise on the go. Get an intensive exercise in your hotel room, office or anywhere you go.

Wonderful gift. For your lover’s health. This is a great unique gift for men, women, dad or mom. Perfect present for father and mother day holidays and a cool anniversary gifts for him or her.

Product Features

  • Multiple Choice: 5 different brands for different strength. Customize the intensity of your workouts. Fits all your needs and can be share with families.
  • One for All: With Nestsun resistance bands, each part of your body can be fully exercised. Perfect for working out, physical therapy, strength weight training, etc.
  • Amazing Function: Best for people who are looking for an effective calorie burning, muscle building and fat shredding workout program.
  • Portable: With carrying bag inside, just carry it to anywhere and do exercise at anytime.
  • Easy to use: All the thing you needs in the package. You can use it as you want.

Saw Palmetto Capsules + Selenium – Premium Prostate Health Supplement by Parker Naturals – Healthy Urinary Flow & Prostate Function Support – For A Good Night’s Sleep – 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Afford Your Prostate The Support It Deserves

Are you a man who places importance in his health?

Are you worried about your prostate – as you should be?

Don’t you want to do anything you can for its welfare?

Reap The Benefits Of A Natural Health Booster

As your physician may have told you, good diet and exercise can help to keep your prostate as healthy as possible. But wouldn’t you like something to give yourself an additional nutritional boost? Saw Palmetto Plus+ can certainly do as much.

When it comes to our ingredients’ purity and potency, we don’t cut corners. Our goal is to provide an all-in-one support for you and your prostate – and, in the process, save you any additional expenses on more supplements.

Our formula contains a blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients like maximum strength saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol , lycopene, selenium and a slew of other recognized herbs, amino-acids, vitamins and minerals.

At Last, You, Can Enjoy A Good Full Night’s Sleep

Are you exhausted from waking up 3 or 4 times per night, to take a bathroom break? It’s the sign of an inflamed prostate. Don’t worry, though – this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Start supporting your prostate and soon enough frequent urination may be a problem of the past.

And even if it’s your receding hairline you’re losing sleep over, you might still be in luck. Saw Palmetto Plus+ may block the effects of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that can convert testosterone to DHT – and cause hair loss.

Don’t Spend Another Moment In Limbo- Relief Is One Button Away

Try Saw Palmetto Plus+ today and see for yourself how much it can do for you!

Just Click ‘Add To Cart’ – Your Health Is A Priority!

Product Features

  • NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE PROSTATE CARE: With every passing year, prostate gland health care is becoming a more and more pressing subject. With Saw Palmetto Plus+, though, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that.
  • ENJOY A FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP: A common yet frustrating problem is the frequent need for bathroom breaks during the night. Saw Palmetto+, however, will help you reduce that and enjoy the good night’s sleep you deserve.
  • ALL-IN-ONE FORMULA: Apart from Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosteral, our prostate supplement contains 28 other amino-acids, vitamind and minerals. Our formula is among the most well-thought-out ones you can currently find in the industry!
  • SUPPORT YOURSELF WITH SCIENCE: This is not some peddler’s snake oil, wonder elixir or miracle drug. It’s the product of years of nutritional and health research and rigorous lab testing. That way you can be confident that Saw Palmetto+ can offer the reliable support your prostate deserves.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We at Parker Naturals have absolute faith in our products – some of us even use them ourselves! In the off-chance you’re not 100% satisfied with them, we offer you a 60-day money back guarantee, hassle free!

Cardinal Health 11450-040 Instant Heat Therapy Pack, Disposable, 6 in. x 6.5 in., Medium (Pack of 10)


Single-use instant heat packs from Cardinal Health provide quick, localized therapy. Our packs can be applied directly to the skin. The single-use design is convenient, cost-effective and reduces the possibility of cross contamination. Instant hot packs from Cardinal Health quickly reach a safe, therapeutic temperature of 110°F, with an approximate duration of 30 minutes. Packs are made of food-grade, nontoxic materials and are available with insulation that extends the life of the pack. Disposable, 6 x 6.5 in., Medium.

Product Features

  • Single use instant heat pack provides quick, localized therapy
  • Packs are made of food-grade, nontoxic materials and are available with insulation that extends the life of the pack
  • The single-use design is convenient, cost-effective and helps reduce the possibility of cross contamination
  • Disposable, Measures 6 x 6.5 in., Size Medium
  • Instant hot packs from Cardinal Health quickly reach a safe, therapeutic temperature of 110°F, with an approximate duration of 30 minutes



Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg Royal Brittany Twin Pack by American Health Products 120+120 Softgel Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg Royal Brittany Twin Pack 120 120 Softgel Product For centuries women of all ages have depended on the reliability of Evening Primrose Oil. EPO is a source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid GLA -117 mg per serving a fatty acid not made in large quantities by the body and not commonly found in food. Popular with women of all ages EPO helps provide nutritional support for women with PMS. Royal Brittany EPO is one of the best products of its kind on the market. The EPO used for Royal Brittany is cold-processed and is void of Hexane and all other solvent residue. Royal Brittany EPO assures quality reliability and purity. Helps Promote Womens Health Provides Nutritional Support for Women with PMS 1300 mg 117 mg GLA 9 100 Pure Cold-Pressed Solvent Free Potency Guaranteed by Assay Suggested Use As a dietary supplement adults take one (1) softgel three times daily preferably with

Product Features

  • American Health Products