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आमला के फायदे | Health Benefits of Amla | Pinky Madaan

Amla juice, Amla powder, Amla Achar or chutney or murabba or even Amla Candy, you must have tasted Amla in any shape in any way. having boiled masala Amlas with meal doubles the taste of food.


Ts Madaan says:

Here is 19th Video from Ms Pinky on Health benefits of Food Items. Your
overall Success is our Mission. Watch now and share too.

shabbir saiyed says:

Madam I want to know that how much avla juice should use a day?
And when morning or night?

Abhilash Kumar Choudhary says:
Anand kumar m Gupta says:
Abdurrauf Malik says:

Hi sister pinki I am watching all your veidoes about Health benefit of
food every day they are very informative I like them all.Thank you very
much I want to ask you some sexual health question to solve them may be
you can help me I will tell you after you reply and I am 67 years
old.Please do not display on internet keep it secrete Thanks a lot.

savita vashishtha says:

Pinki ji aap aur T S S S ahab dono hi GREAT HO Jj.

Sheelu Chaudhary says:

Thank u mam fo ds video

Arvind Kunwar says:

aap donon desh seva hi nahin balki maanavseva kar rahe hain… Ishwar aap
donon ko hamesha khush rakhe…..

patricia brothers says:
savita vashishtha says:

Tusii dono great ho ji!

Raguvir Singh says:

I like amla

geetu panwar says:

Thanks alot mam!!

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