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3 Exercises to Increase STAMINA – Endurance for a Fight

GET FIGHTTIPS BEFORE YOUR OPPONENT DOES: http: // LEARN MMA ONLINE NOW: Here are three exercises that will help to increase your stamina and build …


fightTIPS says:

3 crazy but necessary #exercises to increase STAMINA & ENDURANCE for a
#fight! #fitspo #fitlife #training #mma

Turtle_TwisT™ says:

Best motivation: Shia LaBeouf is following you x_x

BannedFromUtube23 says:

I just tell a random black guy that he is a ni**er and that’s how i run
every day. Or just punch a cop. Sure you’ll get a few bruises when you stop
working out but it’s worth it

*smiles with few teeth missing*

Steven DeCrescenzo says:

My friend made fun of me for like to spar, and he was like “Dude, you’ll
get your ass kicked.” My response was “I know that, but the only way you
get better was by pushing your self and going up against people better than
you.” Left him speechless.

adonate43 says:

There is an alternative to running, its called biking!

Epic Dieg says:

“There’s no alternative to running” Yes there is, its called TREADMILL

ZenPhilosopher123 says:

When I run, I pretend I’m being chased by a dragon.

Turtle_TwisT™ says:

1:53 Did that ! Got shot by police twice and overstretched all my muscles.

KarmaSwiss says:

I tried running but i noticed that i get shin splits, what can i do to
prevent this?

Fateen Adriana says:

When I try to run, a few minutes after that I was exhausted and running out
of breath even though I warm up good before I run..was it normal or I have
quite low stamina ??

stillrob420 says:

should i quit smoking?

TheAlexmercer360 says:

Its a great video indeed,however,mike tysons 30 minute long calisthenics
circuit will also help tremendously to build stamina,every day he basically
did 600 ring/bar dips,400 tigerbend push ups feet elevated,300 pull ups,all
of which with a 40lbs weightvest/backpack,and 800-1000 reps of squats,600
of which were done with a 60 kilo heavybag,and completed within 35
minutes,he would do 20 quick circuits of 30 dips,20 tiger bend push ups,15
pull ups all of them with weightvest and 30 front squats with a 60 kilo
backpack,what a beast,word is,in the end it did not tire him at all,he
would just be sweating.He also did lots of weighted situps.

A friend of mine who is a great MT fighter does tysons routine right
after he wakes up,just puts his weight vest on and drags the heavy bag over
to the rings,and goes on for 35 minutes non stop,after he finishes,he goes
to shower,he says that he did it everyday for a year and after that it is
just a good cardio for him,it does not make his muscles sore anymore,he
lifts 3/5 compound lifts three times a week too.He is 5ft10 inch at a 7-8
percent bodyfat amazingly toned and shredded 195lbs,he has extremely nice
stamina but at the same time he benches 415 lbs and deadlifts 675 lbs.His
conditioning is outstanding.He really loves the circuit routine.He says its
amazing for stamina for rings.

Ali Alsawady says:

Hi! Please answer ASAP. I’m 13 years old and i do boxing. I go running
everyday and shadowbox daily too. In my boxing class everyone is going
hardcore and i always run out of breath and lose all of my stamina when i
get into the ring. I go against this one guy the most and he always beats
me. Since i’m new to boxing the coaches only let me and him do jab only
fights. I keep on getting cornered and he is way faster then me. Also i
cant do shark tanking since none of my friends do boxing and the club i go
to we cant do what ever we want we have to follow what the coach does. I
was thinking of quitting boxing but something inside of me just wants to
keep on going. Any tips?
P.S I cant get a heavy bag since my family live in a really small house
there is no room not even for a standalone.

echo blue says:

Shark tanking is actually a good way to learn to take on multiple opponents

Dee Chavez says:

Nick Diaz is a cardio FREAK , because he loves running swimming and biking
, he does triathlons for fukn fun.

tareq owynat says:

Thanks Shane this video helped

Does building a toned body make it better for kick boxing, and also what
age can I start body building?

Alexander K. says:

Jump rope is good too if you dont like running :)

jzon3251 says:

I gotta say, before you shark tank or hit the bag. RUN, when you start to
fatigue within the first or second round that’s the result of not putting
in the road work

ben cas says:

When I run I just focus on one foot in front the other I stop when I reach
my destination

Michael Matta says:

ZOOM IN and zoom out LETS ZOOM BACK IN that’s close zoom out IT MIGHT LOOK
BETTER IF WE ZOOM BACK IN! nonono zoom out.

bigdans aks says:

no jump rope? lol

wate nallace says:

wow who knew that running, hitting the heavy bag, and sparring would
increase your endurance?!?!?

Soul Assassin says:

Do modified burpees (jumping high as u can and knees up to your chest). Run
sprints. All it is, is try to minimize rests in between, and do the
intervals until you get sloppy and feel like blacking out. It will not be

I guarantee you will gain stamina. Unless you’re doing marathons or 12rnds
of fighting, then stamina is better than endurance.

In real life situations, outbursts and explosiveness are what will give you
a better chance at not just surviving, but thriving.

HabloHabloDiablo says:

when I run, I pretend I’m being chased by a turtle

Nicola Capogrosso says:

Jump rope isnt good for stamina ?

Joseph De La Rosa says:

Great video , you’re right . we need to conquer what we don’t like.

Jose Barba says:

Hey sahne im 11 i get bullyed sometimes and i watch your tips to get me
purpared in case i fight some one and theses tips are working

isimeli vavaitamana says:

Thanx for the advise

Aris Amir says:


Levi Skardsen says:

+fightTIPS I dunno, man. Jump rope seems a lot harder than running. Doesn’t
take long on the rope before my calves start burning.

Azhar Sharif says:

chutiya banara kya re laude !!!

NEW CHANNEL ----〉 Neongamersable says:

I’ll just play sports. XD

Om394W01f says:

Motivation for running hmm none else trying to out run everyone in capture
le flag

Jesus Gaming says:

Guys the shark tank works really well. I used to be a guy with horrible
stamina, then in tae kwon do, when it was time for sparrring, my teacher
would make us do shark fighting, and it worked really well, my stamina
increased DRASTICALLY. Sure it took like 2 months but it works.

O2FIT says:

I like some of the thing said in this video – Shane starts off talking
about specificity then deviates with the training. I agree with him that
Stamina is necessary to gain any sort of success in the fight game. Some
of the ideas are well documented but the science is not there to show
benefits. Overall this is a very nice video and should help a lot of
people think about their game plan. Come join us at to learn more about endurance training (which has
as much to do with the respiratory system than the Cardiovascular system
which is only the pipes and pump – not exchanger of energy).

Brandon Lee Ward says:

Great video dude this is helping me a lot with my fighting, endurance is
improving keep these helpful videos coming :)

Green Orange says:

holy sh*t that last training tho.. i can barely survive 30 sec of fighting
hahaha have a lot to work on

Frankie says:

Me and my friends spar and since I started watching your vids it’s so hard
to figure me out now lmao. Love it. Thanks!

Ghetto Muslim Connect says:

Running is great, but doesnt have to be outdoors on hard surfaces – which
over a period can damage knees etc. Its true most boxers religiously run –
but not all mma fighters or martial artists

Whytif says:

well, i run, i play football and it increased my stamina amazingly plus i
barely even notice the constant pain in my legs as i run because I’m to
busy thinking about upsetting my coach.

Trym Eldby says:

my calf gave up … so hit the ground

mat thieu says:

two 25min slow-paced running sessions / week, jump rope every two days (3
minutes beginners, 10 minutes expert), and burpees every morning (the most
you can do). Do this one month and will see good results.

Daisy Velazquez says:

This guy is awesome he knows what hes doing

Andrew Shearer says:

Thank you for showing me all these videos they really help. Keep making

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