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3 ‘Teardrop’ Development Exercises

3 exercises that develop the vastus medialis. For more info and videos like this, join us at or Follow us on Twitter: @TeamRocketLabs.


EPIC767 FILMS says:

Hey +TeamRocketLabs , when Doing the Bulgarian Split squat, is it necessary
to angle out the foot 30 degrees outward (as when you do the single leg
extension variant)? I’ve done the single leg extension variant in the past
and my instructor said I should always point the toe side out to target the
Vastus medialis..

Kinh Konn says:

I tried this workout at the gym last week and I didn’t feel any burn on my
vastus medialis. This is a hamstring workout. They and the Glutes were the
only ones sore after this workout.

daniel zyt rovcanin says:

Teardrop :( will try this exercise today
Yours is too big :)))

Jordan Wilcox says:

So helpful, thank you.

andyynwa94 says:

Are you… Joey?

Logan Lo says:

Great vid, thanks! You might want to keyword “ACL surgery” somewhere since
rebuilding that VMO, at least in my case, is the most difficult part of
rehab one year out and this is *exactly* what someone like me – who had ACL
surgery a year ago – needs.

Javier Muscle Bcn says:

I’m wondering why my PTO said that the leg is developed first on the top
and then on the lower part (the teardrop). I would like to test this

Chad Holloway says:

Very helpful information. Cant wait to try it tomorrow!!

Joel Bharat says:

simple but I like it.

David Semenic says:

i had bad knee and my VMO is really small and it seems that other muscles
around the knee are helping VMO and it wouldnt grow, can you please suggest
me something? Have a nice day

jazzip says:

whoa you have some seriously defined quads we can spot the individual
muscles. I shall be using your exs today in the gym> Thanks!

enjoitheworld416 says:

That is a terrible way to teach people how to do leg extensions. You are
going to seriously damage the joint capsule/could possible rupture your
patellar tendon/damage your articular cartilage if you are swing your leg
up with that much force. Leg extensions should be done with lower
weight/high reps/very slowly. The way you are teaching people to do them
will lead to chronic knee problems if done over a long period of time.

TeamRocketLabs says:

Jojo, that’s awesome to hear. Glad to hear someone is benefiting from the
information :)

iamyourfather87 says:

hey, whenever i look up “side step lunges”, the first exercise, i get a
completely different exercise. is there another name for the first

iamyourfather87 says:

got it! the exercise is called curtsy lunges! i don’t know if you want to
edit the name in your video since side step lunges is a different exercise!
thank you anyway! great video!

havadatequila says:

i’m guessing for vmo rehab, these exercises are death.

Edward Hely says:

Thank you for posting this video… I’m using these as per advice from my
physio for stabilising my knee..

TeamRocketLabs says:

Palpac, glad to hear you’re keeping better balance and feeling it in the
targeted muscle. That’s a strong sign you’ll be getting some development in
the desired muscle.

Palpac says:

you use a much lower weight doing this exercise with one leg anyway, and
your leg slows up at the top of it’s range before full extending, your not
slamming you joint etc. However if you were lifting to light you would be
slamming your joint at the top of the extension.

Sergey Nemchenko says:

also another very good exercise for teardrop is sissy squats performed in
hacksquat machine with very light weight, to stretch the muscle..

romerov002 says:

Thanks, both informative and visual. Going to 1 of each exercise every time
I hit legs. As a power lifter my vastus laterus is more dominant due to
wide stance and I want to develop my tear drop. Thanks!

Sean Sexton says:

Great video, thanks! Plus you have the results to prove it which makes me
want to go and train legs RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

jojopuppyfish says:

These exercise have really improved my situation with Jumper’s knee

birriukov says:

My vastus medialis is smaller than my vastus intermedius, would doing these
exercises make it even?

Brooklynmario says:

I did the lunges for the first time today and I had spaghetti legs. They

steel174 says:

Good video, thanks brother

TeamRocketLabs says:

@birriukov , I don’t believe these exercises would stress the vastus
intermedius more that the vastus lateralus. A better bet would be front
squats which activate the entire quadriceps and will bring up any
weaknesses in the quadriceps group. You could also do one leg hack squats
which emphasize the quadriceps and limit how much the vastus lateralus can
“take over” the exercise. Hope that helps!

John A Davis says:

Way too much talking. Not enough of the exercise.

TeamRocketLabs says:

Good call Basel. I appreciate the correction.

Roy Hughes says:

Thanks alot. I can use this because all I have is some dumbells. I’m tryin
to get some teardrop action!

TeamRocketLabs says:

Thanks EdgarAllan, Sportsgirl, and ’76! I appreciate the support and am
glad you like the info. Work, business an school have me running, but when
I’m able to free up more time, I’ll continue making more. Best wishes with
your training.

TeamRocketLabs says:

Sergey, Those are good exercises too. Thanks for sharing man.

Ali Ismail says:

hey man, great vid! I was just wondering, my quads are reasonably,v astus
lateralis is really hard when i flex but my tear drop is quite soft, is
that common or does it indicate that i need to target the teardrop more?

TeamRocketLabs says:

crapsSubs: Cool! Hope it helps. If it does, let us know on our Facebook
page (

edgarallanpoet says:

Awesome stuff.

Neeraj Shamdev Lalu says:

Notting wrong at all with his teaching, good method.

enjoitheworld416 says:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t go through your full range of motion, and he
is actually going all the way till his knees lock so your point is wrong on
two counts. Leg extensions have a shearing effect on the knee and should be
done slowly, with low weight. Any kind of jerking motion is extremely bad
form, and will lead to chronic knee problems. To anyone who watches this
video please be careful, and don’t listen to this guy. He is teaching bad
form and you could really hurt yourself.

itay1r says:

it will build up pretty quickly in my experience just keep doing these

baselkicker says:

visible between vastus lat. and vastus med. is not the vastus intermedius.
its the rectus femoris. the vastus intermedius is underneath the rectus
femoris. jus btw

TeamRocketLabs says:

Romerov: me too. GL with the lifts! Memyself: Cheers back! codreddaniel: It
probably would to a limited extent, but doing them one leg at a time would
activate them even more as the VM must stabilize along with the vastul

crapSubs says:

Good video. Looking for this information to recover from runners knee.

TeamRocketLabs says:

Rgrvv, this video is about developing the vastus medialis, not the vastus

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