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30 Emotions Voice Acting Exercise

Hey, guys! I figured I should go ahead and post an example of my range of emotion for voice acting so I can link it whenever I apply for a part. I only did one example for each emotion, since…


Hugh James-Berry says:

These aren’t so much *exercises* as they are some woman cycling through

Pablo Gandolfo says:

Hi there..can anyone transcribe what she says in anxious…cant get it…

Diana Lara says:

Thank you so much for this video! You did a great job!!

Jin-hyun Ki says:

I love the anxious one

Miss Monk says:

I am very impressed. It is better than I expected. Great work!!

dominicanbeauty34 says:

5:59. Made me tear up.

Zakaria Touhami says:

I appreciate this video, it is really helpful for me. But I have a
question. For what emotion do you often use Creaky voice (gottal fry), or
you just use it unconsciously? thank you in advance

Pejjai Nagaraju says:

very good job.keep it up.

vawliet says:

Yooou got a part. 😀 Finally showed this to my ‘partner’ (aka my bff who’s
working on the fanime with me) and she said yes! We don’t know which part
yert, but you have one. ^-^ Congrats~

jonnbag06 says:

I think what Alex means is the emotions you used for each emotion were
“generalized”, you would have to “specify” each emotion. Give them depth,
cause human beings are dimensional 😉

Desiree Scretching says:

hillarious she did a great job i am so gunna use an emotion at my acting

amprincess99 says:

Yay! I did the sad emotion like hers and I even started crying. It’s cool
though I really got into the scene. Nice vid.

Julian Adams says:

she messed up on jealous but very good

Pyrefly says:

-shrug- Not like I have any professional training, or practice. I just made
this on a whim, and I don’t plan to go into the field anytime soon, either.
I’m fine voice acting for random youtube crap for my friends, thanks.

filipinopridex44 says:

Your video gave me tips on my voice acting thanks :)

Pyrefly says:

@CityHunterTetsuya Le gasp! Really!? Huh… I never noticed. >__>; I
must’ve missed the other two in transcription somewhere. :/

89gerardo says:

i loved it!!

MystykNess says:

Is it okay if I do this and post it as a video response? I’ll write my own
script, of course. ;D

Pyrefly says:

Oh, wow! Congratulations! :) And no problem. It’s not like I created the
exercise, though, I just posted my own examples. I’m glad it was of use to

vawliet says:

i love this!

Jujejee says:

You miss out the horny emotions.

Daniella Marie says:

I found ‘frightened’ quite amusing. Hysterical was just you freaking out
over Pokemon… or the winkies. 😉 And I haaaate your Smug… Rrr~

audrey lastname says:

you sound like u have a cold

andrasiboti says:

Fuck you, with your loud video! :)))

Kpopboi Xiong says:

Ohh wows 😮 I think it’s good :) hmm, got me thinking about it, I feel like
I’m there acting with you. The enraged one scared me ahah. Nice work. You
sound really good.

不気味な senpai says:


Pyrefly says:

@Kamilk12l XD I was thinking more Littlefoot from the original Land Before

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