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Ab exercises for beginners! | Workout with Natalie Jill!

Ab exercises for beginners in this video! Whittle down that middle! Get ALL of your ab questions answered at Get the BEST of my workout moves on my new REV4…


Shannon Welch says:

Wow, Natalie’s muscles are incredible! *Mad respect* I can’t wait to try
these moves out at the gym tomorrow. I’m in the very beginning of my
fitness journey but I won’t ever stop!

Natalie Jill says:
moviestar241 says:

hello Natalie Jill , I lost about 21 pounds after my pregnancy I went from
159 to 138 and I lost 5 inches off my waist . my waist went from 37 inches
to 32 inches but I have lower belly fat still. what else can I do to get
rid of the lower belly fat. I do exercise and my body is nicely tone expect
my stomach? please help much needed advice…thank you..

Johnny Swanson says:

+Natalie Jill Finished with this workout this morning after doing Rev4
upper body. 2ns to last exercise was a blast!!

Tanner Westbrooke says:

I think this is wonderful. Especially when you say good job. I love how
encouraging it was and how your voice is inspirational.

e_marte says:

Amazing!!! You’re so creative! Thank you for these

Vernetta Bell says:

The toughest part of this workout is the last move. But I made it through!
Holding you’re own body weight up is no joke. You’re a beast!

Sanchezx22 says:

I just subbed yesterday.! I was about to do some workouts you shown in your
videos (ab) today at the gym but I didn’t have enough time to:( but forsure
I am tomorrow! Glad I subbed

Chloe Elizabeth says:

Hey Natalie, thanks for another great video! Can I run a quick question by
you, today I had sushi (crab california) and a banana for lunch then about
half an hour / hour later I had a green juice (apple, pear, avocado,
cucumber, spinach) I am eating light and conscious of what I eat as I
suspect I may be gluten intolerant but after the green juice I ended up
feeling so bloated, I feel like no matter what I eat my stomach plays up,
was the green juice a bad idea?

Sean's TwigAndRockCereal says:

Great mid-section :-)

Tiff P says:

Hell of a workout!

Sonia Rocha says:

Great work out video.

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