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Ab Roller Wheel, 3-In-1 Roller Wheel Abdominal Exercise Wheel ,Push-ups for Core Strength Training | with Knee Mat | Brake plate


How to use:

Position the ab roller before your knees. Grab both handles with your hands and extend your arms.
Lean your body forward as you extend your arms, supporting it with the ab roller.
Roll the ab roller as far as you can for maximum distance between hands and knees.
Slowly roll the ab roller back towards your knees.
Place the ab roller whell on the knee pad. You can carry out push-ups and Tighten screws on the AB wheel.
Remove the screws on the AB wheel, you can carry the arm training

3-1 ab roller and pushup to put perfect fitness on a roll.

If you’re a calisthenics fan, you know few things work your body head to toe better than plank-position moves. And with our ab roller, it’s not only exercise the abdominal muscles, but also can carry out push-ups training.

Floor Stopper Wedge Included:

Get more out of every motion with our unique, patented 4-wheel triangular design that offers you the confidence of enhanced stability. This is perfect for beginners, keeping the roller grounded both while rolling out and back inwards. Rubberized Soft-Grip Handles These sturdy yet comfortable grips help minimize hand fatigue while exercising,and the slip-free material provides ample grip even in the sweatiest of homeexercise environments. The ab wheel ships fully assembled for out-of-the-box use.

Effectively Works all Body Parts:

It may be a small, simple looking, compact, lightweight and portable device, but our ab wheel roller rapidly strengthens and tones your entire body from head to toe by hitting your abs, core, torso, shoulders, arms, upper back and lower back.

Product Features

  • 3-IN-ONE KIT: Ab Roller wheel ,Push-ups,Throw arm device,Variety of design, a variety of functional use, 1-abdominal muscle wheel exercise 2-prone exercise 3-arm exercise
  • Multi-angle sliding exercise: diversified design, changing direction, so that the waist, chest, abdominal muscles get the perfect exercis
  • Comfortable Grips: Ergonomically designed grips prevent discomfort in your hands, so you can give 110% to every workout. Removable handles allow for compact storage and easy transport,and fit anybody,for men women,and kinds
  • Package include:2*Ab Roller Wheel,2*kneeling pad ,1*Brake board
  • Full Year Warranty: If you don’t love the convenience of our ab-roller-or the quality-let us know. We’ll return your money, no questions asked. Note: Warranty card must be completed to receive refund.


Anonymous says:

This is a nice affordable 3-in-1 ab workout set for the home gym. The set is nice and small and takes up very little space in its own carry bag when stored. It’s easy to use and there are so many exercises that you can do with these to increase your core workout and your upper body. With the ab roller wheels and brake board you do standard ab roller, plank, stair climbers, push ups, wide arm lateral push ups, etc. It comes with kneeling pads that…

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