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Activa Naturals Thyroid Health Supplement, 90 Count


A well balanced all natural maximum strength thyroid health supplement-90 count.

Product Features

  • Feel the difference: read the reviews to see how customers are benefitting by taking this natural supplement
  • Natural supplement: we don’t believe in adding chemicals or other non-natural ingredients, when you buy advanced thyroid health support supplement from us, you can expect a natural supplement with no extra additives
  • Our guarantee: all of our supplements are manufactured in usa using natural ingredients only


Just a Mom says:

Thyroid supplement has improved my symptoms I’ve struggled with issues related to low thyroid for years. I have cold hands and feet, am cold most of the time and easily chilled when others are warm and comfortable. I also feel fatigued, even in the morning when I first wake up. I’ve had my thyroid function tested three times and always end up borderline, so my doctor won’t give me a prescription. (My mother has an underactive thyroid gland and has been using Armour thyroid for several decades, so I figure it’s a genetic tendency.)…

jm says:

It’s Amazing……. how just in a week I noticed a difference in the way my body felt. I had more energy, puffiness in face went down, and pain in muscles and joints started to subside. I gained 20 pounds in three months; I went on a diet eating 800 calories a day for two months and only lost 1 pound. No matter how much I tried….nothing helped me. I went to the doctor, and I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. He checked my thyroid, and it came back normal. I couldn’t believe it! I had all the symptoms…

Kevin Townes says:

More Energy and Feels Better 0

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