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American Health Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll Chewable Tablets, 600 Count


AH Original Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll 100 chewable tablets helps support and maintain daily digestive health. Contains the finest quality of freshly ripened Papaya fruit with papain, amylase and protease enzymes which aid in the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, while encouraging proper nutrient absorption. This formula offers the ideal choice to help with inefficient digestion. Take this delicious papaya enzyme regularly to promote gastrointestinal wellness while helping to reduce bad taste and sweeten breath.

Product Features

  • The “After Meal” Supplement.
  • 100% Natural Digestive Enzyme Helps With Inefficient Digestion & Contains Chlorophyll to Freshen Breath and Reduce Bad Taste.
  • Promotes Nutrient Absorption & Great Tasting, Vegetarian Formula.


ANares says:

Epic product! I love it! I’ve been taking these 3xdaily with my meals and I have noticed my consistent battery acid feeling heartburn go away. I also have noticed a decrease in after meal bloating and internal gas and flatulence. No one wants to admit they fart but it happens. And now it’s happening a lot less. I love the flavor! Nice and fruity! The texture isn’t too bad, not super chalky and easy to chew. If I ever forget to bring the tablets to work for my lunch I’m super bummed. Read a lot of reviews on here and a…

Andrew Whitter says:

Bad because it contains calcium carbonate which blocks the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, etc, of all kinds. These companies MUST post the complete label on the product. They are misinforming. The front of the label claims it “Promotes nutrient absorption”- this is not true. This product is loaded with table sugar and calcium carbonate- which is an antacid used in tums. Unfortunately it deacidifies the stomach (acid is necessary to absorb nutrients, vitamins, proteins etc) so this product actually blocks nutritional absorption. It is important to get a papaya enzyme without any calcium carbonate…

Natalia says:

Who would have thought? I am an avid buyer and user of supplements, as I believe they are one of the most instrumental, indispensable tools for regular people to take control of their health, whether prophylactically, in conjunction with mainstream medicine, or out of a desire to avoid standard pharmaceuticals.And while I had confidence that I was making a good purchase (seemingly good quality product, essential natural ingredients, excellent price), I would not have imagined that it would turn out to be…

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