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An Introduction to Strength Training for Women

Strength training has numerous benefits and actually help prevent injuries.

Many women when exercising use just a treadmill or elliptical cardio machine, avoiding weight for fears they will look like a man or simply are not sure exactly how to incorporate them into their current routine.

Using weights in your routine burns fat faster.

It also can help keep you motivated and provide clear fast results.

If you want toned legs, abs, and arms, you are going to have to pick up those weights.

Want that beach body? Even if it’s snowing outside think of that beach! It will keep you motivated.


There are a few things to remember you get started to stay free of injuries.


  • Always make sure you follow a warm-up routine. Warming up prevent soft-tissue tears and muscle injury. Use very light weight and complete 10-20 repetition of one exercise to get your blood flowing to the parts of the body you’re about to use.


  • Form and technique are very important in your routine. The way you do the exercises can injure your back very quickly if you’re doing them wrong. This is the number one reported injury for women when using free weights, so be careful, take it slow, and make sure you’re using proper form. Always keep your spine straight and bend only at the knees, not your waist.


  • Exercise equipment can make your routine a lot more enjoyable. If they are maintained well they can also help prevent injuries, by not using free weights, and they help control your posture and form. This is a wonderful way to start out! Make sure you have a good grip on your shoes, and mats are under the equipment. Cleaning equipment is a great idea before and after you use them, but if you don’t dry them well your hands can slip.


  • Read all the instructions on any equipment you use for the first time.


  • Inhale when you lift weights and exhale when you release the weight.


  • Give your body one day between working out the same muscles with weights again. They need time to heal, repair, and gain strength. Cardio can be incorporated daily, and mix in arms one day, and legs the next day. Ab work can be done daily so just 5 minutes a day will start great quick results.


Not all weight use involves free weights or equipment, for beginners using your own body’s resistance is a great way to start out. Bands can be useful if you’re interested in resistance workouts.

 Here’s a sample routine to get you started at home or in the gym for beginners:


  1. Bicep Curls- Begin with arms at your side and bending elbows, bring them up and back down slowly. Repeat 15 times, and Do 3 Sets


  1. Sit Ups with Weights- Use a 5-10 lb weight on your chest with arms crossed over it, sit up and back down. Repeat 10 times, and do 3 Sets


  1. Chest Presses with Free Weights- Lie on your back. Begin with your arms bent at your elbows 90-degree angle. Slowly extend your arms straight pressing the weights up and away from your body. Pause when you get to the top, then slowly and in a controlled manner bring the weights back down.

Repeat 5 times and 3 sets



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