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Army Situps: The Complete Guide to Maxing the Army Physical Fitness Situp Test (Army Fitness)


Discover the secret for developing the strongest core and maxing ANY military sit-up test!

Do you know which group of muscles are the primary work-horse for military sit-up tests? If you answered ‘abdominals’… you are dead wrong. It’s time to stop taking directions from fitness ‘experts’. If you need a boost to get through Basic Training or you’re getting ready to enter Special Forces, the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers or another elite military unit, stop wasting your time and learn from the best. The newest release in the Army Fitness series, Army Situps will guide you through nearly decades’ worth of training and experience collected from elite Soldiers from around the United States. Within these pages you will find military health and fitness tips which have never been released for the public.


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