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Ask the King Ep. 51: April 2015 pt3 – US Health Care, Batman Season Pass, Demanding “Likes”

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Icureditwithmybrain says:

According to wikipedia there are approximately 197 games that have native
support for the Oculus Rift.

Fallout9531 says:

8:43 “WHAT?” Pretty funny picturing Phil actually saying that to people and
not just while playing games.

Amocoru says:

That “small percentage” of people is exactly what Obama Care was targetting
to begin with. It’s not an amazing system, it’s just what the Republicans
let him get away with. Charging a little more when you can actually afford
it is worth people not dying because we all want an extra $200.

wesmana says:

Hey, Phil. There’s a game collection that can be bought for download on
PC’s where you can play a lot of the classic DOS and PC games by 3D Realms
from the 90’s. It’s called 3D Realms Anthology. I think you would love it.
It also comes with Duke Nukem 1, 2 , 3D and Manhattan Project. If you can
download it, that would be a way you can play it.

SaysRobert says:

Fwiw, if it’s on it’ll work on a modern pc, they’re meticulous in
making sure all their products work with no fuss (unlike valve, who will
peddle anything). And a lot of old games with strong followings have
unofficial/fan-made patches to make them play nice with modern systems.

You’re right though that the viewership turnout probably won’t be huge
(although maybe better than you expect?).

specopsdelta100 says:

Thanks Phil for answering my question I complealty agree with you on the
Batman Arkham Knight season pass its ridiculous I hope when I you and every
get’s only the game and the the pass they’ll be getting the full
experience. And again thanks for answering.

SirJamesDTech says:

Obamacare is not going to end up as the good government-run Swedish health
care. It’s gonna be Britain, where you have pneumonia and months later when
you finally get a doctor appointment you get a baggie with Tylenol and
kleenex in it.
Plus it eliminates charity care…which was a real thing, believe it or

Icureditwithmybrain says:

If you want to find out if streaming is causing lag when playing online
fighting games you can test your ping with a website called pingtest. Test
your ping when you are not streaming then test it again when you are
streaming then compare the results. Pingtest gives data speedtest doesnt
like packet loss and jitter.

Joe Tyler says:

Great replies Phil you’re great.

Alexandru Timofte says:

don’t worry phil they will give Doom instead , and can’t wait to see you
react to massive amount of gore , and details to it in that game lol

MaicoMoon says:

This nigga can talk at length, and these vlogs are one of the reasons I’m
still subscribed all this time. Props there.

bigjew899 says:

DSP’s vlogs are amazing. tbh if he ever has to get a job outside of video
making again, he should be a speaker. Hell I’d love just to hear his
opinion on Current Events even though half of them are staged anyways
(here’s looking at you, Baltimore).

Peter Parker says:

Street fighter and mkX do lag for Justin online you can see the frames
dropping on his streams but he is so good and has so much practice he is
obviously still gonna land combos and wreck

Dope Chimes says:

Great video Phil :)

Natalie Hamilton says:

That outro…

fanguy2 says:

Phil I don’t remember Arkham Asylum having story dlc but Arkham Origins did
and it was good so you kinda have to count it lol. It is a prequel

Frozen Zerker says:

All episodes are good :)

Joe Tyler says:

Thank you

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