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Audioflood Waterproof Apple Ipod Shuffle Purple Latest Gen


We are often asked what makes our iPods the best. Unlike other waterproofing processes, we completely encapsulate all of the electronic components in sealant. The inside of our shuffles are entirely filled with sealant resulting in no voids or empty air spaces. Because of this difference, there is no way for water to access the electrical components. So when people say our waterproofing is “solid”, it’s not just a figure of speech. Other waterproofing techniques try to use sealant to fill in the gaps in the shuffle housing to prevent water from entering. This method results in empty space between the sealant and the electronics it is meant to protect. Because there is empty space inside the shuffle, as the external water pressure builds it is eventually able to push the sealant out of the way, into the empty space, and allow water to enter. In contrast, as the pressure builds on our shuffles it simply presses the sealant harder against the electrical components. This is the why we are able to get much better depth ratings than other companies. Other companies often disable the on/off slider on their shuffles because using it over time will dislodge the sealant around the slider. Since the entire inside of our iPods are solid sealant, moving the on/off slider back and forth still doesn’t give the water any way to access the internal components. On our shuffles all of the buttons work, and there aren’t any absurd limitations like not being able to plug in the headphones while submerged.

Product Features

  • Highest rated waterproof shuffle in the industry backed by a 2-YEAR WARRANTY and the best customer service. Our innovative waterproofing process produces the most durable and highest rated waterproof mp3 player.
  • Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately
  • Genuine 5th generation (newest) Apple iPod shuffle with built in clip to easily attach to goggle strap, shirt, or anywhere else you would like.
  • 15 hrs of battery life, 2GB of storage (enough space for over 500 songs) and depth rated to 200 ft. VoiceOver button tells you song title, playlist name or battery status.
  • Orders placed before 3pm MST are shipped SAME DAY. Average DELIVERY time is 2-3 days.


Karen says:

Done right and well thought out This is my second Waterproof IPod. I lost the first one and finally gave up looking and bought from this company. I purchased the first one through another larger company.and that one cost forty dollars more.I like the way this guy approaches things. Before purchasing THIS one, I asked him a few questions which he quickly answered via E mail. I bought one for a friend who is not computer savy and downloaded songs for her and I liked the way this Ipod was as compared to my first one…

Online shopper says:

Miracle I’m still in awe of the fact that I can effortlessly use this under water. It’s perfect. In fact, the sound underwater is better than out of the water. Uses itunes so software is familiar, easy to load, and no need to format. No leaks, no confusing buttons. I use for lap swimming and pool jogging. This little gizmo works perfectly for both. I also have a couple of Sansa Clips which I have been using for running, which I like. But unfortunately, they are not water resistant – on a hot…

ADB "adb0406" says:

Awesome product 0

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