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BeFiT Intensity: HIIT with Weights Workout- Scott Herman

BeFiT Intensity: HIIT with Weights Workout with Scott Herman is an intense full body-shredding strength circuit workout that uses a result-driven formula of high intensity interval training…


Blehh says:

I enjoyed WATCHING this

Ivette Martinez says:

Every time He’s on its just fun natural he’s a cool guy (sorry i do not
know his name ) He’s genuinely a nice guy

Tamara Bara says:

Awesome workout! Thankyou :)

Buddha Fett says:

U can’t build no damn muscle doing these and Scott knows

matthew wilson says:

great vid +ScottHermanFitness

Daliah Pitter says:

great video

Emily Munoz says:

I did it last night and I love it!! Thank you for sharing!!

Angelica Martin says:

Really amazing workout! big sweat!
Congrats Guys!
Scott you rocK!


Oh Scotty you always bring us the best! I love the 300 you did a while ago
on your channel. I adapted it to my best of my abilities and it is an
awesome workout!

Yeng Lee says:

This is beautiful. Feeling good after the exercise

Kasia Kloskowska says:

nice workout ideas, but the breaks inbetween are a little too long for me,
I didn’t sweat at all throughout the workout… But I am rather advanced…

Ирина Мирко says:

norm. i liked it, but too fast

tom Jones says:

Cool work out Scott! Haven’t done this yet but this video was awesome.
Can’t wait to do it.

reem amin says:

omg i loooooove the music what is it?

Sampan pan says:

thank you guys ..

Maria V says:

This channel need more stepbench/plyobox workouts.

Stephen Jeffrey says:

Was this one reel or edited?

Candice Scott says:

Thanks soo much for the great workouts! I am eagerly waiting for the other
2 workouts. :-)

Kimberly Nichole says:

Awesome workout. Loved it.

Naadira Alcedo says:

I was pouring with sweat when I got done! I’m glad I chose this video on
this day at this time…just what the “fat and flab” ordered! Have a great
day and God bless!

Rabia Begum-Haleem says:

Are there anymore videos coming our way? Xxx

kim brown says:

Love Befit.. Can always count on a good workout with you guys. Thanks.

Annelle Eudes Jean Baptiste says:

great workout !

s2ace1 says:

Be fit team is awesome!

angela barba says:


Danielle Dent says:

I was dead by the end of this workout…was it me or was Scott’s team
bored? The only one that smiled was sofia

Inka L. says:

Justo necesitaba un buen HIIT para hoy… Scott is the man!!!

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