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Before We Go: An Ongoing Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning


Picture this (go ahead; it’s an easy one): You’re bored with your workouts. Nothing’s changing; you’re not getting stronger or leaner or feeling better, and, heck, maybe you’ll just take a layoff and see what happens.

You know what happens. That two-week layoff lasts a year, that’s what happens!

Now consider this: Traffic was light and you’re fifteen minutes early for your dental cleaning appointment. You flip open your tablet and bring up your new copy of Before We Go. By the time the dental tech calls you, you’ve read two article chapters and are amped to get to the gym. Your mind is racing through the appointment, and it’s all you can do to stay in that squeaky lounge chair.

You get to the gym an hour later and sail through the best workout you’ve had in months, maybe years.

That’s what this book can do for you.

“I go through one chapter at a time, slowly, and let it percolate.” ~ TC Luoma, Editor-in-Chief, T Nation

Dan John’s Before We Go will spur your training to that exciting level you love.

Following the pattern set by his earlier book Never Let Go (230 reviews averaging five stars, still in the top 30 weight training books after five years on Kindle), Before We Go is the second compilation of Dan’s best articles previously published online.


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