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Bigger Leaner Stronger: by Michael Matthews | Action Summary | Key Takeaways, Action Items, & Implementation Strategies (Weight Training, Weight Lifting, … Leaner Stronger, How To Gain Muscle Book 2)


A Take Action Summary Guide for Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

Inside You’ll Find

Key Takeaways from each chapterAction Items to make it simple for you to follow throughImplementation Strategies to help you do-what-the-book-says

About Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews

Ready to get ripped? Building muscle mass while losing fat is a challenge for many men, but Michael Matthews has changed that with Bigger Leaner Stronger, one of the most comprehensive books about sculpting the male body ever written. Through detailed workout plans, diet protocols, and supplement regimens, Matthews demystifies the confusing scientific jargon often used to discuss such topics, leaving you with a simple, integrated body enhancement program that WORKS. This Take Action summary goes one step further, distilling Matthews’ recommendations into a concise, easy-to-read format covering the Key Takeaways, Action Items, and Implementation Strategies from each chapter. With this companion guide in hand, you’ll be better prepared to Do What The Book Says and start building the body you want TODAY!

Please note that this summary is NOT the original book. This book is intended to be read as a supplement to the original.

About Take Action Publishing

Have you ever read an excellent book that gets you fired up to create meaningful change in your life, but stalled out when it came time to go back through the book and implement the author’s recommendations?

Did you get lost on your second read-through while trying to hunt down all those little nuggets of wisdom?

Do you obsessively earmark, bookmark, underline, and highlight, but never do anything with the notes you take?

So do we. That’s why we created Action Guides.

We’re two guys who are passionate about self-improvement. We’ve read tons of books that inspired us, only to run into issues when we try to follow through. One of us actually spent months lugging a 500-pound exercise book to the gym three times a week! After all of our missteps and failures, we found ourselves asking, “Why isn’t there an easy to follow list of action items that can help us do what the book says?”

That’s our goal with the Action Guide series. We create concise, comprehensive reference tools that help you do what the book says.

To support you in this quest, we’ve gone over the original book with a fine-tooth comb, summarizing all the key takeaways that tell you WHY the author makes their recommendations, distilled a list of implementation strategies that tell you HOW to follow through on the author’s recommendations, and finally, a list of clear, concise, step-by-step action items for you to check off as you work through the author’s recommendations.

Enjoy taking action!


Sandrabelle says:

Clear and concise! 0

Val says:

Behind the science of size Can you get really get ripped and is it healthy? The answer is yes to both. Michael Matthews give you a no holds barred, take no hostages view of the science behind building and maintaining a lead body. He starts out with the first thing which is everything, nutrition. Giving you insights on what the body needs, why it needs it and how you can better feed your body so your body can respond better to your program. One of the things many people miss when they decide to get large and lean is…

Alex Canton-Dutari says:

A must read before your work-out program This book, which is a summary of a longer volume, should be a recommended read for all those who are interested in pursuing, seriously, a healthy body building regime. The key takeaways were important words and their meanings, such as carbohydrates, trans-fats which are part of the gym parlance, updated my health vocabulary.It may, initially, seem overwhelming to the reader, but many concepts are repeated, perhaps for knowledge reinforcement. The action items, or specific action…

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