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“BLACK FRIDAY SALE” Iron Crush Hand Grip Strengthener – A Hand Exerciser for Forearm Wrist and Finger Strength Training – Set of 3 Level Resistance – Extension, Crushing and Pinch Grip Training Solution – Great for Men or Women – Best Hand Gripper on the Market – 2 Year Warranty By Iron Crush


Safely and Effectively Improve Your Athletic Performance

Any sport that requires you to grip equipment in your hand or deal punches and blows requires not just arm strength, but also strength in the fingers and hand. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to isolate the muscles below the wrist with ordinary weight-lifting, but you can take steps to strengthen your fingers, hands and lower forearms with the Iron Crush Silicone Ring Hand Grippers.

Why the Silicone Hand Grippers?

The Iron Crush Silicone Ring Hand Grippers are engineered to exercise the hands, fingers and forearms for all three major grip training types, crushing strength, pinching grip, and extension. The grippers are ideal training for most sports & martial arts. In addition, the squeezing action helps to reduce stress, making the grippers great for keeping at the office to use when tension builds.

What’s Included?

• 1 Violet 60lb grip

• 1 Brown 70lb grip

• 1 Black 80lb grip

Why Iron Crush?

Our products are built to last through a lifetime of exercise, and as a result, we guarantee your satisfaction. If our silicone hand grippers rip, tear or break within 2 years from date of purchase, we will give you your choice of a free replacement or a full refund-100% guarantee!

Take your performance to the next level. Order the Iron Crush Hand Grippers today by Clicking the ” Add to Cart ” Button and discover the benefits of resistance training the safe, effective way!

Product Features

  • ✓3-in-1 – Iron Crush™ Silicone Ring hand grippers are suited for all three major grip training types. These rings can be used for Crushing, pinching and even extension, with equally amazing results (Please keep in mind, you cannot actually extend these rings, you just perform an isometric movement while pushing your fingers, which is really effective). They are also an awesome option for stress release providing you with energy and leaving you feeling fresh.
  • ✓SET OF 3 LEVEL RESISTANCE – Three piece set includes 60lb, 70lb and 80lb hand grippers, allowing you to gradually increase the difficulty of your training as your strength improves or to benefit from interval training, alternating between the three grips in a single workout. ➲The grippers are color coated according to the martial art belt colors for quick identification. To see our 3 other levels of resistance please type B00OQVJMUS into the search bar.
  • ✓SUITS MOST SPORTS – These rings are great for training athletes, and giving their performance a positive boost. Sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, crossfit and especially rock climbing can benefit from better grip strength.
  • ✓SIZE FOR PERFECT, COMFORTABLE FIT – Sized especially for adult hands, unlike other brands, to maximize the benefits of the exercise and ensure a challenging, yet safe experience. Great for men or strong women.
  • ✓➋ YEAR 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY – The grippers are made from premium silicone. The exceptionally high quality also comes with a 2 year warranty. If the product ever rip, tear or break due to use, you can get a full refund or have them replaced 100% guaranteed.


Carol S. says:

Highly effective and top quality. – Iron Crush’s Hand Grip Strengthener Set. These are so cool. I am used to the regular, every day hand exerciser. I have never seen one like this before. When these arrived, my 20 year old son saw me open them, and immediately took one from me, lol. So, we were both quite excited that I was afforded the opportunity to review Iron Crush’s Hand Grip Strengthener Set in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. You will get three grip strengtheners in this set. There is one 60lb, one 70lb, and one 80lb resistance hand gripper.The…

Dave says:

Iron Crush Hand Grip Strengtheners The Iron Crush hand grip strengthener by Iron Crush is a great addition to any workout routine. You can even use it throughout the day while sitting on the computer or couch watching TV. In the set are three different rubber donut looking circles, each with a different resistance. The purple is rated at 60 pounds, brown at 70 pounds, and black at 80 pounds. If you think that might not be enough, you should probably think again. Even though the purple one is only rated at 60 pounds, I found that…

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