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Body-Bands 41″ Loop Resistance Cross Training Band Set | Choose the Resistance Band Level Set that is Right for You | Choose from 3 Sets: Beginner (3 Bands), Intermediate (4 Bands), Advanced (5 Bands) | These 3 CrossFit Exercise Band Sets include either the 1/2″, 3/4″, 1 1/8″, 1 3/4″, or 2 1/2″ Wide Bands. These top selling Power Band Sets are backed our Manufacturer Warranty. These Resistance Exercise Band Sets are Great for Pull Up Assistance and Cross Training Workout Programs such as CrossFit, P90X, or Extreme. These Power Bands can also be used for Pull Up Assist, Strength, Speed, and Agility Training (Beginner Set (3 Bands))


Body-Bands Resistance Band Training Sets includes either of the following bands: Red (1/2-inch), Black (3/4-inch), Purple (1 1/8-inch), Green (1 3/4inch), or Blue (2 1/2-inch) Wide Loop Bands. Each band is a 41-inch Continuous Loop Band and offers a resistance range based the size scale below. Body-Bands are ideal for a home gym or to add resistance training to any fitness routine.

Body Bands are great for:

* P90 / CrossFit / or any Cross Training Program

* Pilates and Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

* Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

* Business travelers or anyone on the go

* Athletes through any fitness level

A Simple, Fast, and Effective Workout

Know what Bands you are getting!

Several competitors are giving the appearance that they are selling the same Band Sets or Bands at the same Price as us…when they are really offering smaller Band Sets at the same price. Make sure that you look at the band width sizes and NOT color to accurately compare prices!

Body Bands Size Levels:

* #0 | 1/4″ | Yellow | 5 to 15 Pounds of Resistance

* #1 | 1/2″ | Red | 10 to 35 Pounds of Resistance

* #2 | 3/4″ | Black | 30 to 50 Pounds of Resistance

* #3 | 1 1/8″ | Purple | 40 to 80 Pounds of Resistance

* #4 | 1 3/4″ | Green | 50 to 120 Pounds of Resistance

* #5 | 2 1/2″ | Blue | 60 to 150 Pounds of Resistance

* #6 | 3 1/4″ | Orange | 70 to 180 Pounds of Resistance

* #7 | 4″ | Grey | 80 to 200 Pounds of Resistance

Why Body-Bands?

Body-Bands offers you great high quality products at very competitive prices. Including a 60-Day Money Back Guaranty and a Lifetime warranty!

Product Features

  • You are viewing the BEGINNER SET. This Set includes the RED 1/2-inch, BLACK 3/4-inch and PURPLE 1 1/8-inch Wide Bands. Body-Bands Advanced Resistance CrossFit Training Band Sets have resistance levels ranging from 10 to 150 lbs
  • All Latex Based Resistance Bands Have a Range of Resistance. The resistance level will increase as the bands are stretched. Please note that the Lifetime Warranty is only for Individual Use. Commercial Use in a Gym or Fitness Center comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Choose from the 3 CrossFit Band Sets. The Five Resistance Training Band Levels of 41-inch Loop Resistance Bands are Red 1/2″ Width: 10 to 35 Pounds of Resistance | Black 3/4″ Width: 30 to 50 Pounds of Resistance | Purple 1 1/8″ Width: 40 to 80 Pounds of Resistance | Green 1 3/4″ Width: 50 to 120 Pounds of Resistance | Blue 2 1/2″ Width: 60 to 150 Pounds of Resistance. The ½” and ¾” Bands are ideal for Stretching, Therapy and Light Resistance Training. The 1 1/8″, 1 ¾”, and 2 1/2″ Bands are Ideal for use as CrossFit Bands, Pull Up Bands and as for Serious Resistance Power Band Cross Training.
  • When is comes to using them as Pull Up Assist Bands, Body-Bands are the Perfect Pull Up Assistance Band. We urge you to keep it simple and only use one band at a time. Too many people make something very simple WAY too complicated. Loop the Band your pull up bar, tie a knot, put one foot inside the loop, and begin doing assisted pull ups. Once you can do 15 to 20 Reps with the one band, move to the next smaller bands and repeat until you can do unassisted Pull Ups. There are a number of variables to consider when selecting the right 41″ Loop Band for Pull Up Assistance, such as: physical condition, upper body strength, and weight. The most commonly used Pull Up Bands for pull up assistance are the following based on starting level recommendations: Blue 2 1/2″ – For people over 220 lbs or someone 170 or above that has not worked out in a long time and cannot do a single pull-up | Green 1 3/4″ – Ideal starting Pull Up Band for most people, or for lighter people (<120 lbs) with no upper body strength | Purple 1 1/8" – Starting bands for most women or someone in very good shape | Black 3/4" – Used for someone that is working towards unassisted pull-ups as the last stage of assistance or for burn out reps. | The goal with most Pull Up Band training is too start with the larger bands and progress down in size until you can do them unassisted. The above is just a guide and you will need to be flexible on where people started based on their age, weight and fitness level.
  • All Body-Bands 41-inch Loop Resistance Bands are Made by Layering a Continuous Sheet of 100% Natural Rubber Latex which give them Added Strength, Durability, an improved Safety Factor. These are NOT cheaper Molded Bands that typically have fillers that degrade the bands performance and life. We urge you to avoid those and to insist on the Best! Each of our Bands has a 41″ Lay Flat Length and has 82″ Circular Circumference and is 4.5mm thick. The Resistance Levels Vary based on the Width of the Bands.


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