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Body myths debunked:

Myth no.1 – When I am skinny, I will like my body: When you accept your body for all its wonderful quirks and imperfections, you will like your body.

Myth no.2 – Losing weight will make me happy: Following your dreams, surrounding yourself with people you love and appreciate and forgiving yourself and others will make you happy.

Myth no.3 – A healthy lifestyle means working out every day and never eating bad food: No food is bad, and a healthy lifestyle is doing what’s good for your heart as well as what’s good for your body. Even if that means lying in bed all day and eating chocolate sometimes.

Myth no.4 – All thin girls love their bodies: Every person, no matter what they look like, has their insecurities. Embrace your own, and know that you are not alone.

Myth no.5 If I eat x, y or z and follow x, y or z celebrity’s workout regime I will look like them: No. No matter how you eat or how long you spend in the gym, you will look like you at whatever weight you are at. You can’t replicate another human being’s body in your own.

Myth no.6 – It’s always unhealthy to have a bmi above 25: BMI scales were invented for the convenience of insurance companies, not as an accurate measure of health. Your healthy weight is determined by your body type, composition, lifestyle and diet, not by a made up chart.

Myth no.7 – If I was smaller, I could wear a bikini and short shorts and strapless dresses: You can wear whatever you like, whether you wear it in a size 0 or a size 14. Your beauty is not defined by the clothes you wear.

Myth no.9 – I can solve my problems using my body: You have to look deeper – your problems do not stem from the circumference of your thighs or the amount of fat on your stomach. They are deeper than that, and the solution lies deeper than that as well.


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