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Bodyweight Training:The Ultimate Guide for Increasing Strength,Building Endurance and Losing Fat Fast and Efficient (Bodybuilding, Bodyweight Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Bodyweight Strength)


This book provides the basic and essential information for beginners to pro a simple guide for how to maintain a lean and toned body figure without looking like a hulk. After reading this book we learn how Bodyweight workout can be used to work every muscle in the body, just as one would in a gym. In addition, anyone, regardless of their fitness level can take part in bodyweight training. As one masters the different exercises and grows in their abilities, they will then be better able to take on more challenging exercises. This book contains proven steps and Approach on how to develop muscles without using any Workout equipment. There is no longer any need to purchase any equipment or a gym membership. I am going to show you step-by-step how to build the body of your desires simply by using your own body!

This book designed for the average person. As such, they progress from beginner to advanced level. Most people are willing to start something new but most do not stick with it. Having a motivating person at your side goes a long way in keeping you focused. It explains the importance of heath conditions and their effects on the workout routine. Lastly, the significance of maintaining and following a proper diet plan to accompany the exercises which would eventually help the person in achieve the goal of lean and toned body.

After reading this book we learn

• Types of Exercise

• Strength Training and/or Muscle Endurance

• Maintaining a Healthy Weight

• How to set your fitness goals

• Rules for Building Strength without Weights!

• Best Body Weight Exercises

• Bodyweight Exercises for Fat Loss

• Bodybuilding


• Bodybuilding Rules to Grow

• Calisthenics Workout

• Much, Much, More!


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