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brandt-daroff habituation exercise

Instructional video- Brandt-Daroff Habituation Exercise University of Michigan Vestibular Testing Center Wendy Carender, PT.


tbird81 says:

It is meant to habituate the person to the vertigo. Apparently it doesn’t
get the otolith out of the SC canals in BPPV.

Rob Roye says:

I had vertigo for 3 weeks, went to ent, he gave me meds, It helped
somewhat. Then one night while getting into bed, Vertigo got really bad, I
could barley walk. I knew of this procedure but was not sure if it would
make it worse. I had nothing to loose. After the third set, it was 75
percent better. After two days its 100% gone. I now know how to treat my
vertigo. Try this..

Alberto Hernandez says:

thank you i am going to try 2nite

imTHEunderdawg says:

seriously hope this works man, thanks for the input

666kr says:

I had bad vertigo and this really works! I went 3x to my MD and therapist
then I did it on my own for about 3 weeks.

Beatriz Lamas Oliveira says:

Esta manobra é uma ajuda indispensavel depois de uma crise aguda!

programmingdrone says:

What is internally being accomplished by this procedure ?

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