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Calisthenics: Get the body of a Greek God without ever leaving your house; calisthenics and bodyweight training


Get The Body Of A Greek God Without Ever Leaving Your House

This Is More Than Just An Athletic Title. It’s A Way To Live Life To The Fullest And Beyond As A Man

I used to be real skinny and real tall; 6’2 @ 155 lbs. The height is great, but it doesn’t cope with a skinny body. I made a good basketball player but shit I looked like a walking Twix. So after months of searching for a way to get ripped without the sacrifices and commitments I found nothing out there. Through trial and error I created my own way and it’s beyond great. Most of the time I workout twice a week for an hour only to maintain this body you see. I’m now 6’4 @ 185 lbs. I party occasionally, mostly eat what I want, and I’m below 10% body fat.

There Are No Sacrifices

You can have everything without losing anything. Athletics is a way to enhance your life and live a higher quality life. It’s not a way to sacrifice a lot of things in return of looking great. The typical workout takes from 30 minutes to an hour, 4 times to a week. And to maintain your body you only need to workout twice a week!! You can eat whatever you want, you can go out whenever you want, you can party whenever you want, you don’t have to give up anything!!

You Can Workout Anywhere And Everywhere

With calisthenics you can work out anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a gym or any weights. You’ll never be fat doing calisthenics because it’s impossible. A fat person can’t do calisthenics and someone who can do calisthenics can’t be fat.

This Book Has Everything

0. Pictures of myself demonstrating every exercise

1. How to get the body of a Greek God without leaving your house

2. How calisthenics is superior to weight lifting

3. How to not depend on anything in life

4. How to get everything without sacrificing anything

5. How to eat whatever you want and still have a Greek God body

6. How to cope working out with your lifestyle

7. How to become a universal athlete and aesthetic athlete

8. How to get athletic abilities and aesthetics in your body

9. How to make athletics part of your life and not your life

10. How to live a life of choice

11. How to get crazy high testosterone levels like primitive humans

12. How to avoid decreasing your testosterone levels

13. How to develop a deep masculine voice

14. How to get comfortable with discomfort

15. How to maintain your Greek God body working out twice a week only

16. Full routine for beginners

17. Full routine for practitioners or the intermediate

18. Full routine for veterans


“This has been one of the best and worthwhile workouts I’ve accomplished in my entire life. Especially since I was able to workout anywhere and everywhere I wanted. I’ve improved my current daily workout routine to a “Veteran”. This has enabled me to do a higher intensive workout training, that I was never able to do before. So far, the Calisthenics Book has been quite challenging, but certainly rewarding in terms of my body shape.”


E.A. Gray says:

A definitive guide that will change your view of working out while transforming your body into a work of art As a religious follower of the anaerobic weights routine, after 10 years of hard workouts my body and joints have definitely suffered. While looking for a new practice I found and purchased this book. I was primarily interested in the possibility that the title could actually be a reality so I committed to digesting the material in the hopes that the author was correct. After finishing the guide and implementing the program exposited by the trainer, I can wholly attest that this guide, as…

RFY says:

Excellent routines that you can do anywhere, anytime This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get into the best shape of their life without making a ton of sacrifices or commitments. Marcel teaches you how to work out just four times a week and achieve a lean, amazing physique in an hour or less each time. I like how you can work out anywhere, any time with this calisthenics program, without needing to go to the gym or cluttering up your house with equipment or free weights.There are five routines designed for beginners,…

Joshua C says:

Awesome book, much better than a gym 0

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