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Calisthenics: Training with Calisthenics – Bodyweight, Strength Training & Muscle Building (anabolic, aerobics, cross training, lose fat, bigger, faster, … lean, shredded, power, starting strength)



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Steve Hudson says:

Very comprehensive discussion Calisthenics and bodyweight training is very much sought after these days. I was so glad I found this book as this helps me gain ultimate physical strength. This book is a Calisthenics bible. The author made it clear that there are many benefits that we can get from Calisthenics training for bodyweight training asides from strength gain. It also taught me that calisthenics training is for EVERYONE. I have read other books about this but I must say this is the most comprehensive among all…

Anonymous says:

I always wanted to get in shape. Now, more than ever I want to burn fat tissue. My ex boyfriend always talked to me about him wanting to gain muscle. He wanted to look better and to feel more confident. Image it’s a matter of how you feel. If you look better and you like how you look, this makes you look confident and people will be attracted by you in every situation. It’s not about sexual attracion, but a social matter: the difference between a good manager and a good manager very confident…

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