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Comic Book Body: Seven Steps to Strength, Speed, and a Superior Physique


If you want to gain strength, speed, energy, and physical power–without resorting to steroids, drugs, or spending so much time in the gym they make you pay rent–then you will want to check this book out.

It’s NOT as Tricky as Most Think

You don’t need to obsess over counting every calorie.

You don’t have to be miserable all the time from swearing off your favorite junk food forever.

You don’t have to resort to complicated lab tests, bodyfat measuring devices, or the latest infomercial fitness gadget to hit the TV.

Best of all, you don’t need to devote your entire daily life to fitness. Life beckons elsewhere, and you will need a strong, energetic body to live it to the fullest!

What This Book Is

A guide to obtaining physical POWER; i.e., the ability to DO things.

Of what use is being able to run a 4:40 mile, when you barely have enough energy to make it through the rest of the day? How can you enjoy the benefits of your strength if your bloodstream is choked with lactic acid all the time? How can you balance out all the areas of physical fitness with all the areas of the rest of your life?

This is a book designed to solve those problems. In it, you will find…

-How to build up your willpower and energy, both mentally and physically, and maintain an energetic state ALL DAY LONG without the use of caffeine or sugar.

-How to prepare clean, healthy foods that don’t leave you in a bad mood. Taste and flavor are the spices of life, after all!

-How to organize EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH into manageable set times every day.

-An exercise schedule scientifically designed to make the BIGGEST GAINS in the shortest amount of time.

-How to burn fat, build muscle, and never feel drained of energy–ALL SIMULTANEOUSLY.

-Clear-cut, no-nonsense, scientifically proven steps (Rather than marketed hype and “positive affirmations”)

-Which types of supplements and vitamins to take, and which ones should be avoided.

-The author’s OWN personal experiences and lessons learned.


Whether you are dedicating your life to being a fitness fanatic, fighting crime in the alleys, or just wanting to look better in a cosplay outfit for next year’s con, the bottom line is that you CAN achieve a physique that not only looks FANTASTIC, but performs FLAWLESSLY when you need it to. Imagine having the energy levels of peak performance athletes, zero lactic acid burn after workouts, a morale that skyrockets without the assistance of caffeine or sugar, and the secure confidence of knowing that you are only getting better…and know that, when you do these 7 SPECIFIC things in a very SPECIFIC order, all of that is yours for the taking.

Scroll upwards, click Buy, and let’s get to work on it!


H.S. says:

I loved this book 0

Kamikavkazi says:

This Helped Put Things in Perspective First off, I don’t think I’m the average reader that needs guidance in the area of fitness and will power. Nonetheless, Comic Book Body reminded me of books, supplements, and regimens that I used to follow, but have gotten lazy with ever since. It’s a quick read and it’s filled with witty remarks and references. The following outline my favorite quotes and rules that should give you a mere glimpse of what the book is like.1.) With a proper plan, you can fight a Kryptonian god. With…

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