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Crossfit Bands Pull Ups Chin Ups Strength Workouts and Training


Reach your fitness goals faster with these heavy-duty latex bands which provide just enough support as you work toward unassisted exercise. Also ideal for a range of strength & flexibility exercises.

Are you frustrated with not being able to get your chin up over the bar at the gym or box? Do you feel like you try and never make progress? The CourageDog Assisted Pull-Up Bands are designed to
accelerate your fitness journey. Available in a variety of resistance levels, our band gives you the extra boost you need to go through the complete pull-up motion and finish multiple reps.
Build upper body strength gradually until you’re able to complete a pull-up all on your own (yes, you really CAN do it!).

These assisted, continuous-loop bands are not just for CrossFitters & weight lifters, though. They can be used to do an endless variety of exercises for:

• strength and conditioning

targeting specific muscle groups including legs, arms, abs, shoulders & back

• improving mobility

• physical therapy/rehab

• travelers on the go

Whether you’re looking to slim down, bulk up, or just get stronger, this is a serious fitness tool that delivers serious results!

Product Features

  • This sale is for a SINGLE BLACK Resistance Band 10 – 50 lbs (7/8″ wide x 41″ long x 4.5mm thick)Fast track your pull-up development using just the correct amount of assistance for optimum results. It is a great band for anyone who needs extra assistance to perform pull-ups, chin-ups or bar muscle ups. Check out our BAND SELECTION GUIDE (images to left) to find the band that is right for you.
  • Achieve Results Faster: Get an extra boost to perform pull-ups, chin-ups or bar muscle-ups. Great for injury rehab, CrossFit, improving mobility or training for military & first responder roles.
  • Ultra-Tough & Durable: Made of layered latex, our bands are designed to retain their tension & resilience for years without tearing or wearing out. They stand up to the toughest workouts, again & again!
  • A Go-Anywhere Fitness Tool: Never miss another workout again! Stash a couple of bands in your bag for that business trip or vacation. Perform a variety of full-body exercises on the beach or in your hotel room.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not happy with our exercise bands for any reason, tell us within 12 months and we’ll either replace them or refund your money. No hassles.


Tim and Kate Blanchard says:

Will be ordering more sizes! Perfect for stretching and working out! These bands are perfect for stretching and working out – I personally use it for yoga because it helps me stretch but these can be used for really any kind of exercise that you’re doing. I have the red bands because they’re a little less resistant, so they’re perfect for stretching out for things like pilates and yoga. I bring it with me to my yoga class for a little extra workout and it really does work! I think the best part about this is that you can work out ANYWHERE with it! It’s small…

Linda Boyd says:

These are GREAT and Have helped us so much! We have been doing Stretching exercises at our gym, in a group that is for individuals with Parkinson’s as my Husband has had it since he was 42 and stretching is a big part of helping him stay mobile and help strengthen his muscles and his core. This SINGLE RED Resistance Band is 5 – 35 lbs and is the best for him at this time. It is 1/2″ wide x 41″ long x 4.5mm thick. This is their narrowest band and is great for my husband and me as I am also trying to strengthen my muscles and core…

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