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Deadlift : The ultimate guide to Deadlifting: How Compound Weight Training ,Workout and Exercises Can Help You get Stronger and Build Muscle


The Ultimate Guide To Deadlifting !

Why Deadlift ? And what is it ?

Deadlifts are a full-body, compound exercise. You Deadlift by lifting the weight from the floor to your hips. The Deadlift works your whole body including your legs, back, traps, arms and grip . Because Deadlifts work so many muscles, it’s the exercise you’ll lift the most weight on.

In this book you will learn the basics of Deadlift, what do you need to start , and the different variations of each and everyone Deadlift :

– Benefits of Deadlifting

-Different muscle worked


– Proper Form

-Different Deadlift setup like the Sumo

And much moreā€¦

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