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Deluxe Adjustable Prong Training Collar, No-Choke Pinch Collar is Safe and Effective, Chrome-Plated for Maximum Strength, Will Not Rust or Break (Size: Small) by Downtown Pet Supply


The New Downtown Pet Supply Prong Training Collar, Pincher Collar For Small Dogs, is the ideal training solution and a safe and effective alternative to typical choke collars. The collar puts even pressure around your dog’s neck without applying direct pressure to a specific area so you can train your dog with little to no resistance. This high quality collar is chrome plated for maximum strength and durability and it will not rust.

Product Features

  • Deluxe adjustable prong collar is a safe and effective training solution
  • 2.3mm Prong Chrome-plated collar provides maximum strength and durability
  • Smooth and rounded prongs to prevent injury – safe alternative to choke collars
  • Small: Fits up to 14″ neck, for dogs 20 lbs and under
  • By Downtown Pet Supply


Jesus Granados says:

so far so good. and for the price 0

runnerguy says:

Super quick “behavior modification” I don’t know about your dog, but mine “modified her behavior” immediately! I have an 8-month old beagle who follows her nose relentlessly, dragging me along behind her. But no more! I put this prong collar on, and the very first time she pulled on the leash, she stopped and looked back at me like, “Whoa, what was that”??? I could tell the collar didn’t hurt her, but she didn’t like the feeling it produced when she pulled. She VERY QUICKLY determined how to avoid that…

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