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DETO-X (60 Capsules): Herbal Colon Cleanse & Detox, 15-Day Detoxifying Blend! Intestinal & Digestive Health. EVO-X Health Products 100% Platinum Guaranteed!


Product Features

  • EASY, EFFECTIVE 15 DAY DETOX AND CLEANSE: Help clear out your digestive tract with a safe, easy 15 day colon cleanse treatment from EVO-X Health Products. Maintain your digestive tract with a natural herbal blend that can help your body’s natural cleansing efforts.
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Your digestive health is important!! DETO-X will keep your colon healthy by complementing the natural cleansing processes your body employs.
  • NATURAL, SAFE INGREDIENTS: DETO-X contains herbs and ingredients designed to help you reach your health goals through an effective, gentle detoxifying process.
  • ELIMINATE TOXINS: Remove harmful toxins and buildup from your digestive tract with DETO-X. Take care of your body with a gentle cleansing action that can keep your internal engine running clean and efficient.
  • MADE IN USA, 100% PLATINUM GUARANTEED: All our products are made in the USA and 100% guaranteed by EVO-X. If you have ANY problems, reach out to us directly and we will solve it, no questions asked. No concern is too small, give EVO-X Health Products a chance to provide you with great customer service!


Haley Knows Reviews says:

Get a Fresh Start I’d heard a lot people at they gym claim they pushed past a plateau in their weight loss after doing a colon cleanse. Apparently, after doing more research, its just a good idea to regularly clean out your system and start fresh. Many of the people I spoke with also recommend following with a probiotic to help restore healthy bacteria and just giving your whole body a kick start. I decided to try Evo-X’s DETO-X Colon Cleanse because I really like their brand Shr3d-X thermogenic. It was super…

Nick Romanov says:

Great colon support supplement! As a professional athlete I put my body under a lot of stress. I always hear stories from other men about colon issues. That’s why I decided to give this supplement a try. The serving size is 2 capsules and each serving contains 900mg of proprietary blend. As suggested, I take two capsules twice a day, with breakfast in the morning and with dinner in the evening. Since the container has 60 capsules, it will last me for two weeks. The product came sealed with a plastic wrap at the top and…

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