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Dragon Ball Xenoverse: The Epic Battle of Frieza Freeze Blasts! HEALTH WARS!!

Lmao so Kaggy & I decided to spar in Dragon Ball Xenoverse online..and well.. This is what happened. Kaggy: *** BECOME A SUPER SAIYAN:…


TheTrueDemonPrince says:

it makes sense that you have can use a fire move as a freeza race the moves
just named freezer burn now

KaggyFilms says:

Kaggy Won…

Rhymestyle says:
Michael Deschain says:

I gotta say Rhymestyle won. Items or no items. Lol either way fucking
hilarious. Love watching your videos bro. LMFAO. My ass fell off and hit
the ground when he used that health item on you in the last match.

Toby Miku says:

First comment

Trevon Harris says:

that hp Pot had me crying this man….

Xistund says:

would love to see someone animate these fights xD

ArkhamKnight says:

How do you unlock blue hurricane? I know you get it from burter obviously,
but which pq? It doesn’t say on none of the side bars of unlockables

david welcher says:

Rhymestyle u attending LaMonsta’s tournament ?

pikajoe127 says:

My boi +KaggyFilms won.

Zoh says:

Doesn’t matter who won, it’s the viewers who are the true victors.

Xavier Johnson says:

As soon as Rhyme stopped moving, I knew what he was going to do….

T o p h says:

Rhymstyle… You cheater lmao. Kaggy had that second one till you pop that
capsule x’D

Virgo Durai says:

I win.suck a dick lol

11undone11 says:

7:04 Man. Don’t!
7:05 Don’t! Come on, man!!
7:06 NO! NO!! NO!!! DON’T DO THAT!!
7:07 FOR GOD SAKE!!!!

Josh Ferrell says:

He got Trolled XDDDDD 7:06

SSJ God goku says:

Rhymestyle is the best!!!!!! Who agrees????

joshua M says:

Go ahead and run Kaggy, as Rhymestyle takes his anti-newb-tactics Meds.
Loven the vids guys.

jadden tanks says:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: The Epic Battle of Frieza …:

Cartman says:


The MunchaMunchlax says:

Rhymestyle ,what do you think about gt not being cannon anymore because of
Dragon ball super,would you miss ssj 4 or do you not care …I personally
liked the mix of both ape and human (saiyin)

Mr.MjLc says:

I fucking died Please do more

Nebulox says:

Kaggy won!! #KaggyXVDahBest

Zacharie Arsenault says:

Lol you suck Rhymestyle, but i still love you bro! Btw #6-0 #ThunderGOD

pitthepwner says:

Rhymestyle=Fuccboistyle confirmed

Skullbasher Somers says:

On Kaggys freeza character what are the shades his character had on

Genesis776 says:


Donald Green says:

Funniest match ever. I’m stealing thst technique.

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