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Exercise? Pshhh

No way.


Drowssap says:

Betty is so adorable :O

Alaijah Pell says:

10th comment

Virginiafox21 says:


Thiefbash says:

The food look´s good :D

Kailynn Brace says:

Awww he’s making her food because she doesn’t feel well!!

Benjamin Peschier says:

She is way too cute

daddrus says:

You’re so handsome *-*

Sarah M'stache says:

Betty got so big! I hope Mary feels better Ken!

Angel Vences says:

Nice kitchen man.

Erich B says:

Hope Mary feels better…And you’re not fat…..Glad I didn’t say your
grammar police?

roseknights says:

awesome trick that betty learned

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