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Exercise Resistance Loop Band Set – Set of 4 – In Home Gym Elastic Strength and Fitness Training for all Workouts – Stretch Bands for Aid in Physical Therapy – Use for P90x and Insanity – For Men and Women – 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee


Have you ever wished you could discover the secret to a fit, toned body all from the comforts of your home?

The #1 Secret for Simple but Effective workouts

Perfect for everyone of any fitness level

– Olympiada Loop Bands work great for strengthening all muscle groups.

– Can be used at home or the go with a convenient carrying bag.

– Tone your legs, arms, hips, arms, and core without ever setting foot in a gym.

– Train quickly and with ease.

No more costly gym memberships or equipment!

Why use resistance bands?

– Perform a variety of exercises by simply changing your body position.

– Latex bands are simple, small, and effective. They allow you to train whenever, wherever.

– Because of constant resistance more coordination and balance is used allowing you to strengthen your core muscles.

– Exercise can help promote and maintain lean muscle mass, lower body fat, and get you into the best shape of your life.

Choose Olympiada Latex Bands today and you’re backed by our 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee.

Buy today and start your journey towards the fitter and healthier YOU.

Product Features

  • Olympiada Latex Stretch Bands are Ideal for the Home Gym Enthusiast and perfect for getting you toned without added bulk.
  • 10
  • No time to go to the Gym? Latex Stretch Bands are used by PERSONAL TRAINERS and PHYSICAL THERAPISTS for quick and effective workouts.
  • With 4 DIFFERENT RESITANCE LEVELS color coded you never have to worry about not being able to continue to challenge yourself with more weight.
  • Olympiada’s 100% Lifetime Guarantee protects your purchase with a full refund or replacement. Don’t hesitate and buy today!


Cubby says:

Great for beginners. 0

Marissa Raya says:

“light” band ripped after 1st set 0

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