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Eye Health with Lutein & Bilberry – Vitamins for Healthy Eyes – Vision Care


CLINICALLY TESTED INGREDIENTS TO IMPROVE YOUR VISION. Havana’s Eye Health with Lutein is a powerful formula of natural ingredients clinically tested to stregthen and protect your vision, reducing your discomfort and giving you renewed clarity to enjoy the beautiful things in life. This powerful formula contains nutrient rich ingredients that promote better vision and eye health. THE COMBINED POWER OF LUTEIN, BILBERRY AND MULTIVITAMINS. Havana’s Eye Health is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility with GMP certification. This nourishing eye supplement contains high quality ingredients including Lutein, Bilberry, Vitamin A, Quercetin Dihydrate and Grape Seed. This eye health boosting formula contains no binders or fillers. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE. Havana’s Eye Health is fast becoming the supplement to strengthen and protect your eyes, meaning there is a limited supply available. Don’t miss out on your chance to improve your vision with Havana’s Eye Health.

Product Features

  • SEE LIFE IN ALL ITS BEAUTY- Clinically Proven Ingredients added with a brand that is DR Recommended
  • RELIEVE EYE TENSION & STRESS- Fight back aging & abused eye issues with tested proven ingredients
  • FORGET EYE FATIGUE & SENSITIVITY- 2 Capsules a day will nourish and improve strained eye tissues
  • PROTECTS & STRENGTHEN LENS TISSUE- Feel the rejuvenation of your eyes as each ingredient is absorbed
  • NATURAL EYE SUPPLEMENT THAT IS PROVEN TO WORK- Congrats on your first step to healthy eyes


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