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Face Exercise – How to Smooth out Crows Feet without using Dermal Fillers!

Thank you for Subscribing to RENEW ME® TV! Hello Gods & Goddesses, today I show you how to smooth out Crows Feet without using dermal fillers! There are two exercises here, one that is stronger.


FACEROBICS® - Your Face Exercise Coach says:

Thank you for Subscribing to RENEW ME® TV!

Hello Gods & Goddesses, today I show you how to smooth out Crows Feet
without using dermal fillers! There are two exercises here, one that is
stronger than the other. Its your choice, or build up to it!

I hope you enjoy! Please share around with your friends!

ella pandey says:

Amazing. ..

Lena Mahayni says:

I’m so glad I discovered u dear PETA
Ur exercises R fantastic
Thks very y

Laura Hopkins says:

Awe you have dogs:) I have service dogs. I had 3 but sadly Zelly had to be
put to sleep on 8th this month. She did night shift and I miss her so so
much .She had a 2 kilo mass of cancer of spleen and liver. The sisters are
so clingy at the moment. Love your dogs :)

Gwen Bardon says:

Thanks so much Peta for making the playlists. It helps me to find the
exercises I am looking for. I need to constantly review the videos because
I am still learning the exercises and I am always changing things up as you
suggest. My face feels amazing after I finish the facial exercises. Just
like I feel after I go to the gym. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. hugs,

jefree Karnow says:

thanks for beautiful Face Exercise …. best regards

junep1000 says:

Hi Peta – I just love your ‘up do’. You have such a beautiful set of
features, you can wear your hair any which way and you look amazing.
That’s the benefit of longer hair, it’s so versatile and you can change
your ‘look’ just as you have. I just love pony tails too and I just wish I
could have one (but I’m about 40 years too late!). This exercise is a
great one to add to the collection and thanks for sharing. Now to the
fabulous ‘family’. Oh how adorable in their various xmas outfits! and when
you said about the only thing missing was a handbag – well I laffed and
laffed and laffed!. Every time I think of it, it makes me laff all over
again. You are one very funny lady! These ‘babies’ just love you – it
shows on their faces. What absolute characters! Hope you had a Happy
Christmas Peta. Jxxxxxxx

Sandra Gaffney says:

I like these new exercises as I have lots of wrinkles just above my
cheekbone, I hope I can diminish or fade them a little. Thanks for your
wonderful videos and great explanations.

Debra A. says:

love all of your videos thank you for taking the time to make them

Michele Micar says:

I love your hair up. It’s good to remind us not to put too much pressure
doing the exercises, which is my own tendancy. Even though I’m not new to
face exercise, my face is very much liking your technique. I honestly
can’t tell your dogs apart. Your cat is darling.

j5hp says:

Hi, I really appreciate your videos. I also have a free tip for you. It is
better to do the excercises in the morning shortly after you wake up,
because then there is a natural testosterone spike. Also, don’t eat any
starchy foods (or better yet, anything) before and for 45 minutes after
doing the excercises, because that causes insulin to spike, and insulin
halts the secretion of HGH (human growth hormone), which is also needed to
build muscle. This is knowledge from the body building world, but I think
it also applies here. Thanks again, I will be watching more videos :)

Mary Abraham says:

Looking gorgeous as usual

Sapnasabi1 says:

Good exercise that can be done everywhere. It looks like I am just relaxing
my eyes but actually I’m doing a facial workout and nobody knows. Happy New
Year Peta!

Light in the Piazza says:

I loved your hair the minute I seen it, I knew you would look good with it
back, its stunning.

Connie Pitts says:

Great exercise! I do like your hair up, Peta. I wear mine up sometimes too.
Your furry family are all so cute! I have two dogs. They are Pekingese, so
we named them after a Chinese restaurant menu — Wonton and Moogoo. haha. I
missed the video of your husband, so I’ll have to look for it.

Marcy Trimble says:

You look amazing, your a great example. You are also kind, generous, and
very proud to have you as a teacher. thanks Marcy

Theresa D says:

Do you have a video where you are doing the whole 8 minute routine?

Grace says:

This is another great exercise!!! There are so many areas I need to work
on. If you have any suggestions for a beginner, I would be grateful. My
goal is to lift my face muscles to hopefully get rid of eye bags/wrinkles
and plumper my cheek. I would also like to see my skin glow like yours.

Martha Mirabal says:

Hi Peta!! Beautiful softly and enchanting look…White and Purple looks so
Regal…Two of my favorite colors!! They look great with the color of your
eyes too…This exercise is great!! I can do it all day.. really… it
feels like acupressure, I do not know why, but is very relaxing when I do
the repetitions slowly!! Thank you so much!!! Congratulations as well!!!! I
can see the numbers of subscribers goes up and up!!! I am so happy to be
part of your channel!! BLESSINGS!!!

Sandra Gaffney says:

Peta I like this new look, I think you look very lovely

Lene Gadegaard Müller says:

love your knitted blouse, it makes you look very feminin love Lene

1976mariah says:

Hello Peta! HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your wishes Come true! I love your
channel, greets from Austria xoxo

Light in the Piazza says:

This feels good on my eyes, these ones. :) I watched the one with you and
your husband three times, it made me smile, it was great. He is very good
looking and positive person, you make a perfect couple. Your animals; awww
..they’re the epitome of adorableness-ness. <3<3 <3

Martha Mirabal says:
43535442342 says:

Hi Peta i’m start doing your exercises , I think they are amazing! I have
one question , have you really lifted your eye area just with these
exercises? sorry i don’t want to be rude but… do you really never had any
mini-lifting or any other eye job? (sorry for my English but i’m not
mothertongue) thanks xxx

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