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Fart Tracker To Analyze Your Gas For Health

A Fart Tracker, designed by CH4 can track and analyze your gas for health concerns. The new Fitbit for your butt would clip to your pants, and then work in conjunction with an app on your phone…


Slyxyx says:

Surveillance culture taken to new extremes where you can’t even break wind
without someone tracking it.

kokoro nagomu says:

if you eat beans and cabbage you’re going to be producing tons of gas…
well, duh! people should know what makes them more gassy, don’t need no
fart meter for that!

Tommy Latham says:

My fart tracker is the anti religious comments I leave on the Lip channel.

crumbtrey says:

The government wants to tax our farts.

Tyler Chronicle says:

Word first comment an like


Your target is the status conscious narcissist.

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