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Female Fat Loss: How to Lose Fat, Get Toned, and Have More Energy Using Weight Training and Proper Female Dieting


Try searching for the words “fitness,” “health,” or “workout” on social media nowadays and your feed will be quickly flooded with images of women who don’t exactly epitomize the slender, “toned” supermodel look. Instead, you’ll find that the aesthetic physique is all the rage for women in 2015. That’s right, skinny is out and lean / muscular is in.

Many women believe that, in order to lose weight and tone up, you need to aggressively cut calories while performing tons of cardio. As you will learn from this book, that could not be further from the truth. In fact, achieving a toned, sexy body that men will covet and women will be jealous of requires a combination of weight training; the right forms of cardio performed at the right times; and a structured, healthy diet that includes the right amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates properly timed throughout the day.

Whether you’re new to resistance training or already make weightlifting a reliable staple of your workout regimen, if you’re not getting the type of results you want, this book is for you! When it comes to hitting your fitness goals, knowledge truly is power. This comprehensive guide provides all the tips, tricks, and explanations you need to strut into the gym with confidence and tackle your workout like the superwoman you are.

Specifically, this book includes:

~ Clear explanations of how weight training helps promote fat loss, as well as essential weight training concepts;

~ A description of the three most important forms of cardio (fasted cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, and steady-state cardio), along with when to perform each;

~ A step-by-step 12-week workout program, with all workouts planned out down to the number of sets and reps;

~ An overview of key nutrition principles and tips for building the perfect diet;

~ A guide on how to calibrate your nutrition just right for your body type;

~ A sample meal plan; and

~ A breakdown of the key supplements to take versus which to leave on the shelf.

This book will be your new best friend on the road to a strong, lean, muscular body. Pick it up today and learn how to maximize your diet and workouts for some truly incredible results!


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