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fit-and-skinny-kate: One year progress! This year has taught…



One year progress!
This year has taught me so much not only about health and fitness, but also about myself. Before I was bulimic, unhappy, depressed, ate only junk food, and was in a pretty unhealthy relationship (we were way too dependent on each other), now I’m very far along my recovery journey, I’m happier, I’m more independent, and I just feel so much more alive. I finally got the guts to truly take control of my health and life, now I eat clean, whole foods about 80% of the time and workout regularly. I love lifting weights and I’m itchin for Spring to get here so I can run outside again (I hate the cold), I’m also a much kinder person than I was a year ago. I used to be so negative and cynical, and sometimes even flat out mean, but the most important thing I’ve learned this year is that when you truly love yourself and are happy with who you are, you no longer need to project negativity and hate on others. So make 2014 your year, be healthy, be active, be positive!


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