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Fitness: (2nd EDITION) Change Your Life, Mindset, Workout, Fitness & Love Your Life (Mindset, Get Fit, Get Healthy, Alkaline, Strength Training, Fitness Goals, Goal Setting)


Fitness- Change Your Life, Mindset, Workout, Fitness & Love Your Life



Fitness is a book I wrote to help you stay motivated on your goals so you can wake up and look at yourself and get excited because you like what you see. I see many personal trainers around at the moment that don’t give their clients the fundamental keys to have a great mindset so they don’t get the body they want.

The world nowadays is so conditioned that it pushes you to look a certain way or you should feel bad about yourself. I go into the truth about what’s really going on in the fitness industry and how you can put the right information in your head so you can be motivated and STAY motivated. There are success strategies on how to get what you want, real life experiences with clients and easy keys and strategies that if you apply daily you will see measurable progress.

The truth is whatever you want in your life is out there if you don;t have it right now and i’m going to show you the easiest ways to stay hungry on your goals and ways to stay healthy, so you have energy throughout the day. So many people come to me and have no energy and you ask them how much exercise they do and it’s slim to none. Make a decision now to change your life and go ahead now and purchase this book and make it happen.

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Anonymous says:

I really enjoyed reading this book on changing your fitness by changing your mindset. Mr. Dixon gives very practical tips to help you achieve your goals. As a personal coach and trainer, he has worked with many people and has seen what works and what doesn’t work. His advice in the beginning is not to work so hard that you become so sore that you drop out, but rather he suggests you work on building momentum in the beginning so that you can stay motivated. How do you stay motivated? You answer…

Anonymous says:

Getting fit and live a healthy active life is becoming hard and difficult in this modern era as we have very tough working routines on regular basis and in that busy schedule , one cannot really find time to do proper daily exercises. This was an extraordinarily good book as it has opened my eyes that without getting fit, you would not be able to fully utilize your mind in a healthy manner. I am very inspired by the great workout techniques that have elaborated in this amazing book. This book…

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