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go fat-shame elsewhere.

It’s true though, being overweight is horrible on your joints.

yeah seriously. it’s SCIENCE. Just because you don’tlike hearing it doesn’t make it any less true.

I’m tired of fat-shaming being confused for facts. Fat-shaming is when you disrespect or humiliate a person based on their weight.

Saying that being overweight is unhealthy is not fat shaming.

EXACTLY. If it bothers you to the point of oversensitivity, do something to change it.

like we watched this documentary in my class about fat shaming and the obesity epidemic and parts of it made me so mad. One of the points they made about fat shaming is that in the media, being overweight and obese is always painted to be unhealthy and undesirable and how that has to change.

No. No it doesn’t. Being over weight IS unhealthy and should be undesirable. i’m not saying you can’t have self esteem or can’t be beautiful when you’re overweight but from a health standpoint, it is NOT desirable to be that size; it’s not something you set a goal for. And that’s my whole point. The reason the obesity epidemic is getting out of hand is we’re coddling people instead giving them the cold-hard facts about their health and the tools and support they need to make a lifestyle change.



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