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Generic Blue Small Piano Finger Exerciser Practice Strength Training Beginner Pianist


100% Brand new,never used

Item’s color might be different from the picture because of the aberration.


Protable and easy to carry.

Beginner pianists,watch your hand postures!

The FA-11 has the exclusive function of single finger practice, Which is needed for beginner pianists.

Perfect tool to correct the wrong hand postures and avoid finger slump.

The tension of keys is close to that of real piano keys.

Rotatable keys and you can activate and inactivate the keys.

You can press it with one finger, two fingers or more, and correct each finger postures.

With special designed span between two fingers, which is as wide as clamping a pencil.

So this piano exerciser is much more professional and pertinent than the general ones. It’s an assistant instrument to make you a real pianist.


Color: Blue

Material: Plastic

Item size(L * W * H): Approx. 14.9 * 4.8 * 4cm

Item weight:125g

Package Contents:

1 x Piano Finger Exerciser

1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Small Piano Finger Exerciser Practice
  • A professional piano finger exerciser, which is needed for beginners


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