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Get Strong: How to build strength to lift double your weight


What does this book bring to you and your training?

It brings the benefit of hindsight so you can learn from all my mistakes from the past four years of working out.

What will you learn?

Having cut through a phenomenal volume of information both online and in print I’ve distilled it down to the core areas that all strength trainees should focus on:

Critical compound lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, press, chin-up, bent over row and power clean) required for full-body strength complete with step-by-step guides on how to perform each one.

How to successfully program these lifts in a way to keep adding weight to the bar and increase your strength. As well as covering set and repetition programming, we also cover how to progress when plateaus of ability are reached. This is the single most important piece of strength programming I have learned, and I wish this was explained to me when I first started lifting!

Nutritional programming to support our goal of rapid strength gain. This is stripped back to the key messages needed to successfully add mass when strength training – focus on achieving macro floors, eating from good quality sources, etc. Note we do not cover “cutting” or mass loss, as it conflicts with our priority to build strength as quickly as we can.

The equipment needed for effective strength training is quite minimal. For that reason many, myself included, prefer to create a home gym. We have included the positives and negatives associated with working out at home compared to a commercial gym, as well as a brief run through of the apparatus required regardless of where you choose to train.

How to put all we have learnt into a strength routine. Our Get Strong routine is a three-phase workout that alters the workload as we progress in order to drive our strength through the roof! This natural progression through the phases stops us from spinning our wheels – a problem seen all too often in the gym.

Excel Templates are near essential for those new to weight lifting, and extremely helpful and convenient for those with a little more experience. These templates are for the three-phase workout we previously designed.

The book is aimed as an accessible read with a focus on getting into the weight room as soon as we can. A few hours of reading will provide a brilliant foundation for your strength training going forward.

Lets get strong!


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