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Hand Putty For Strength Training And Physical or Occupational Therapy – 3 oz. Purple (MAX Resistance)


NOT FOR THE WEAK – Our made in the U.S.A POWER MAX series of extreme resistance hand putties are for strength training, physical, occupational, and sensory therapy. They provide the most challenging resistance levels available. The POWER MAX series by SuuRuuS is available in three (3) color coded resistance levels:

MAX (Purple) SUPER-MAX (Indigo Blue) ULTRA-MAX (Gray)

Designed for professional “elite” athletes, the POWER MAX series is intended for those with strong grips who want to achieve, or return to “game-ready” performance levels. SuuRuuS brand putty’s are made in the USA and different than other hand putty’s sold, which is why the SuuRuuS brand is the “go-to” brand for sports trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and elite athletes world-wide. The two most important characteristics for any hand putty are:

1) Resistance levels must be consistent, unique, and reproducible and

2) The texture/feel must be accurate to provide the right “slip” when performing exercise.

Each resistance level of SuuRuuS putty is unique in design which creates a putty that produces accurate resistance to force use after use. This is important to trainers, athletes, or physical and occupational therapists who need measurable results for their patients. Other manufacturers of putty’s may use the same basic formulation for every resistance level, simply adding oil to give a “feel” of different resistance. Such formulations may produce not only inconsistencies within a specific resistance level, but also results that are not reproducible. Since each resistance level of SuuRuuS brand putty is designed differently, we can deliver putty’s that are consistent, and provide reproducible resistance. Finally, the texture and feel of SuuRuuS brand putty’s provide a feel that is uniformly smooth and comfortable to the user, consistent over both time, and use.

Product Features

  • POWER MAX series delivers the highest resistance levels of any hand therapy putty brand
  • Can be used in conjunction with other SuuRuuS brand hand therapy putty for strength training or final stages of recovery after injury


Anonymous says:

My first impression when I received this was that I got ripped off because the gray putty didn’t even fill up the container. I’m not sure if the 4oz is suppose to be a weight or the volume in fluid ounces but I weighed it just to make sure and it was exactly 4oz.Anyway, I’m recovering from a grade 5 AC separation that required surgery, so I bought this to supplement my soft/medium and medium putties, I think I over did it a bit because, as stated, this is a very very hard putty…

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