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HappyPie 1 pair Wooden Gymnastic Rings – Premium Heavy Duty Rings for Body Strength and Cross Fit Training in Backyard Gym Rings with Pp Ropes


Heavy duty, sturdy, durable, high quality materials: Get strong, lean and muscular with ring workouts. Gymnasts who perform on the rings arguably have the most lean, and aesthetically pleasing physiques in all of sports. You can build a gymnast physique with consistent ring workouts. You get a great suspension workout, letting the rings move freely so that you can train your core to the max because of the rings instability and free movement. The surface of the rings are textured and provide a great grip without the need for chalk. The height of the rings is EASILY ADJUSTABLE for any height whether short or tall. Supports muscle-ups, pushups, dips, pull ups, chest fly and many other exercises. Easy to set up and take down: These rings are an amazing training tool for athletes of all levels whether beginner, intermediate, or elite. Due to the natural positions the user is placed in during exercise, there is less stress to the shoulders, elbows and wrists creating the ideal workout environment

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: Φ25*Φ145 MM Rope Length 1.5M
  • Weight: 0.6KG, high quality materials Premium wood, Meets/exceeds TUV N GS Safety Standards
  • Advanced design keeps the rings stable, allows for quick mounting, easy adjustment and light weight.
  • Holds a Maximum Load of 1000lbs, ring training activates so many muscles in such a coordinated way, it’s also an effective adjunct to some forms of physical therapy
  • Multiple Exercises: Push-ups, iron cross, dips, pull-ups and many more, Accessible for beginners, with gentle progressions towards harder skills, Accessible for beginners, with gentle progressions towards harder skills


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