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I’m not here to promote products I don’t believe in or that don’t benefit our minds, bodies, and souls in a positive way. So here are a couple products I’ve tried out for 30 days and I will…


Travis Clark says:

Trying something different, hope you love the video and the stuff :)
love, Jenny

Cheryl Hock says:

One question?? If I use these products will I look as good as you? If so,
I’m in:)

MelissaXO says:

Jenny I think we all want to know how u got ur teeth so white!?

nedra pickens says:

Great video Jenny!! I have that face spin thing!! Lol and I love it!! I’ve
used it for over a year now. I used mine 4 days a week and I don’t have
pimples anymore and the fine lines are gone!! So this thing really works!!

Ixdontxknowxanything says:

Girl, how are you 32? You freaking look 25 at the most. I have 22 year old
classmates who look older than you.

Lauren Shue says:

*Jenny Clark ;)

Mlggamer 79 says:

How is your teeth so white p.s if you do a video on your teeth please don’t
mention me

Jillian Casey says:

Awesome video Jenny! I am looking forward to more of these.

Bella L says:

Disclaimer: It’s Jenny (CLARK) LOL <3

Carla Santos says:

so nice to see jenny from a different angle, rather than being filmed in
the vlogs. I APPROVE :)

HeyItsKarinaaa says:


Haloskeeper1 says:

Awesome. . Can’t wait!!
You wouldn’t believe how many things I have purchased that sucked because a
so called guru swore by!
Also if you could recommend healthy sugar free food and snacks that would
be bomb!
I literally just had my gallbladder out yesterday. .my diet has changed
completely I literally can’t even stand the thought of meat anymore! Ok.
I’m rambling. Thanks Jenni!

beyoncefan2382 says:

i’d love to see more of these Jenny!

Mandi Donahue says:

Your teeth are amazing. Excited to try these products!

Steve and Jodi's Vlog says:

What an awesome video Jenny! I have actually always wanted to try the face
brushes but thought they were too expensive. That price is great!

Milk n Honey says:

Jenny you are so sweet and wonderful lol you seem like a fun time…no pun

Kevin Canizales says:

I approve of this.

Abby2Crabby says:

Yooo I loved this! Jenny is so cool and funny!

Laura Cameron says:

Great video Jenny. :) Your skin has a great glow – very tempted to get one
of those spin brushes now… if I can get my skin to look half as good as
yours, then I’ll be over the moon!

Evanfranks12 says:


theyzwoodz says:

HEY JEN, Take a page out of the Alli Speed book of how to do this. We never
clicked on CTFxC and it was just her talking beauty products the whole vid.
Her or Charles would just mention that she had a new video up on HER
And then people would check it out if they wanted to.
No one likes getting Rick rolled.
And I am sure Charles could push a lot of views from the CTFxC young female
viewers your way. And that’s cool. Most people here came from the CTFxC to
begin with so might want to give a him a call on how to push traffic.
I don’t even like Travis after meeting him, But dig WTK and he makes WTK’s.
So I click on. Peace.

TheEmoclew says:

Thanks Jenny!! Your skin is just glowing so the brush looks good. The mat
for the feet looks amazing!! Thanks for introducing this stuff and giving
a honest review!

christine sunkenberg says:

Jenny this was great! And I would of never guessed you were 32 I always
though Travis was older. You look so beautiful!

Julia Quintavalle says:

Loved this!! Hope we get more! x

Anaiis Flores says:

what are some good face wash you suggest using with the scrubber jenny?

Leean L says:

Can’t wait to see more videos!!! #excited :)

LELA says:

Yes! finally more of jenny! This is just great 😀 From what i’ve seen in
these vlogs you seem to know a lot about health and beauty so i trust your

Anna Tempestini says:

question… why doesn’t Jenny go by Jenny Clark?


Jenny I’m so excited to see more videos from you! I’m going to be 33 this
year as well *cough* 30 is the new 20 Rock It Girl! I’ve been looking at
the Clarisonic but it’s soooo pricey!

Danielleg219 says:

Ah love hearing you talk about things you love! Hope this becomes a weekly
thing :) Love you Jenny and Trav <3

jbarsick says:

Wow can’t even take your husbands name. C’mon Travis you can do so much

Sarah Congialdi says:

Jenny! How do you get your teeth so white? and 32?? no way she seriously
looks 26 p.s I bought the first product :DD Thanks Jenny but shipping
wasn’t free btw :)

rav mah says:

I think that would be quite good actually can’t wait for the first video :)

miller lena says:

I boughs two face washes one for me and one for my pup.
I promise the big body brush is a life savor for short hair dogs because he
is a dirt liver. i can wash and he still dirty. now i know I’m getting
under all his short layer hairs.

XurBot says:

jenny is 32… Fuck your doing good. Nice job travis ;D

Giselle Elizabeth says:

Lol I love how genuinely awesome and honest you’re being. Most brand videos
on YouTube are so fake and makes you feel like you’re being sold on
products instead of having a conversation about new products. I love this.
You’re adorable. You’re awesome. And HELLO you look great for your age (not
that you’re even that old!)

Awesome video :)

mexicrainian2206 says:

It’s great!! Thank you Jenny!!!

Molly McCarthy says:

i hope i look as great as you when I’m 32!!!

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