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Health Enterprises Ear Wax Removal Syringe


Doctor designed Ear Wax Removal Syringe. Tri-stream tip safely directs fluid to ear canal walls and flared design prevents over-insertion. Health Enterprises is a world leader for innovative consumer healthcare products. For over 35 years Health Enterprises have designed and developed healthcare products that positively impact the lives of people throughout the world.

Product Features

  • Safer and more effective than rubber bulb ear syringes
  • Tri-stream tip safely directs fluid to ear canal walls
  • Flared design prevents over-insertion


Ronald Speers says:

It works! I tried peroxide and baby oil. I bought expensive drops (Murine and sweet oil). Then I read the lables to find they are peroxide and olive oil. All the drops and oils did restore my hearing though I still had trouble with my left ear. But the wax remained. Then I read a review about the syringe (which I had bought along with the removal kit). The fellow said don’t be afraid to really blast it because the stream is not directed at the eardrum but at the canal walls.Well with that…

Amber M. Anderson says:

So amazing! I haven’t heard that well in years! It kind of freaked me out after using this…I’d forgotten that things like sheets rustle when you move in them at night and the that carpet makes a sound when you step on it with bare feet.This device is awesome…takes a lot of work (i.e. you have to do it many times and give some time in between if you’re like me) but it’s so worth it and better than pretty much anything outside a professional doctor’s office. Bless whoever came up with the design.Just keep doing it…

Ahreeman X "Ahreeman Persian" says:

How to make it Work? There is a method to make it work or else you are wasting your time and ending up writing negative reviews. This is how I made it work. I believe if you follow my instructions, you will also be able to make it work and relieve yourself of those pesky ear wax which makes you itch and always feels like your ears are bloated and wet.I have chronic ear infection meaning that a simple cold, if not taken care of, turns to a major upper respiratory infection. Then you got to go to doctors,…

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