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Health Valley Minestrone Soup No Salt Added, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)


For nearly 40 years, Health Valley Organic has used sustainable agricultural practices to bring families like yours the healthiest food from the land. Our USDA-certified organic products don’t have any artificial chemicals, flavors, colors, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified ingredients. What they do have are all the good nutrition–and the rich, satisfying flavors–your family deserves. Now we’re taking another big step in helping you understand exactly how healthy our products are. It’s called the Health Valley Nutrition Scorecard, and before long, you’ll see it on each and every Health Valley package. Our Nutrition Scorecard tells you at a glance how each product stacks up on four important nutritional measures: Sodium, Fat, Fiber and Antioxidants. As the scorecard says, this is smart nutrition you can trust. Use the scorecard to easily compare Health Valley with other brands or to compare one Health Valley product to another to find the best product for your needs.

Product Features

  • Made with vegetables, pasta, and spices
  • Low sodium with no added salt
  • Good source of fiber and antioxidant Vitamins A and C
  • Low in fat and cholesterol free
  • USDA certified organic


Turtle says:

Why so much Sugar!!!!! This would be a great soup if Health Valley lowered the sugar content at least in half or more. The company took the Health out of the Valley with this soup.When one buys a No Salt soup they are doing so for Health Reasons, if one is watching their salt intake they are also in most cases concerned about their sugar intake .I buy health Valley No Salt Soups because they are Organic , No or little salt and yes low in sugar, 14 grams of Sugar is shameful.They do a good job with their No Salt…

H. Hankins "Lovin'life" says:

Finally, taste! I was placed on a severly restricted sodium diet three years ago, and one day at my local market happened upon this product. It was like I finally had stepped back into the world of taste. If you have ever read nutrition labels on soups you know a sodium restricted diet does not allow for the vast majority of them. So now I can have a healthy organic warm bowl of comforting soup whenever I like and if I purchase it through amazon by the case, shipping is free making it a lot less expensive…

fallout994 "fallout994" says:

A great low-sodium alternative… If your trying to watch your weight or sodium intake, this soup is a great alternative to the overly processed and heavily salted soups that you would normally find in the supermarket aisle. There is no salt added to this soup, and the entire can (which is two servings) has a total of 100mg of sodium. This is an extremely low number compared to 1000+ plus mgs of sodium in some of the name brands. With that being said, the soup itself is a little bland; I like to add Mrs. Dash seasonings to…

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