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Heart Rate Monitor, Calorie Counter, Fitness Activity Tracker & Sport Watch with Exercise Timers, Alarm, EL Backlight, Chronograph and Stopwatch – Chest Belt with Elastic Band & Polyurethane Fabric Strap – Best Replacement Warranty | bodyWares [HRM Fit] (Stone Grey)


The “bodyWares” Difference

Are you tired of looking at heart rate monitors or fitness sport watches with complex functions you never use?! Check out the new bodyWares HRM Fit Series heart monitor and fitness watch with a stylish design, crisp display and simple yet great functions for ALL your training needs.

Product Highlights

Provides convenient monitoring and tracking during all forms of exercise. Regardless of lifestyle, its a perfect companion for your workout schedule and helps track heart rate, calories and workout duration.

Additional Benefits

– Smart feature recalls workout data to show exercise time, heart rate (max/%), calories burned and workout period
– Water resistant watch/belt (up to 30m/10m) with batteries included*
– Best in class 1-Year Limited Warranty and Replacement Service**

* Batteries estimated to last 1 yr on 1 hr/day and frequency of use

Included In-the-Box:

– 1x bodyWares HRM Fit Series Watch
– 1x Chest Belt Strap (with built-in sensor)
– 2x CR-2032 Batteries (1EA in belt/watch)
– User-friendly Guide with Quick Start tips

Best Limited Warranty

**bodyWares provides you with the best customer care across its products. By default, 30 day return policy applies from with an additional 60 days from us. Plus, we shall replace your watch/belt/battery (over ANY manufacturing defects) within 1 year from date of purchase.

Limited Supplies ONLY

Order NOW by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ on the top-right corner of the page and get one step closer to achieving your fitness goals today!

Product Features

  • Stylish designer heart rate monitor and fitness sport watch (<0.6
  • Includes heart rate chest belt (2 oz.) made of a comfortable elastic band and soft polyurethane strap that adjusts to most body types
  • 3 selectable heart rate zones to workout at your own pace and intensity – [1] 55-70%: sustain healthy heart and lose weight, [2] 70-80%: develop endurance and stamina, [3] 80-100%: increase muscle strength
  • Graphical heart rate (max/%) display with arrows showing if you are in/out of zone
  • EL backlight display with audio/visual alarms, timers and stopwatch plus, a best limited & replacement service warranty (over any manufacturing defects)


D. Fowler says:

This is an excellent watch for those who want to gauge their fitness level, but don’t need an expensive sport watch … I own several different kinds of sport watches including higher priced ones like the Garmin Forerunner, Magellan, and Timex Ironman. I also have some that are meant to gauge my overall health and fitness rate like the Basis. If you’re a serious athlete you’ll want to take a pass on the bodyWares and head for the ones loaded with features that have apps that will gauge your minute to minute progress. Many of these have things such as GPS coordinates and have varying degrees of…

Stephanie Giron says:

Awesome! 0

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