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Hi, I need to lose 90lbs asap but I dont know how or where to start can you please give me some advice Ive run out of ideas and hope😞

Hey there!

Unfortunately weight loss doesn’t happen “asap.” Everything starts with building healthy habits for food and exercising, and then adjusting the intensity of your workouts and your macros until you get to your desired results.

  1. Start by learning how to eat clean. Build clean eating habits with the 30 day clean eating challenge.
  2. Design a weekly workout plan, learn what HIIT is, and join along and do the 30 Day iPhone Fitness App Challenge!
  3. From there, keep following along to learn more about health and nutrition and figure out what works for you, and above all –
  4. BE CONSISTENT! Consistency is key. If you keep giving up, it’ll be really hard to get anywhere.

Good luck and keep at it! 


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