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Hi, I'm a new fitblr on tumblr, I thought I'd ask for some advice… I'm having trouble with willpower and eating clean. It's really frustrating me; I'm able to exercise but I know the 80/20 rule is key and I won't see proper results without it. Potato chips are killer, it's the one thing I can't seem to cut out or eat less of/moderate. And it's hard because my whole family eats them all the time, they're always in the pantry. Any tips on gaining willpower?! It's hard not to be mad at myself!

The 80/20 rule is oh-so-simple but yet so challenging.

Know that it’s challenging to always meet the standards you set for yourself, so don’t give yourself too hard of a time for it.

Saying that, there are still ways you can improve your willpower.

1. Take the challenge. Eat clean for a week or even a month. Take my Clean Eating Challenge. Tell everyone you’re doing it. Blog about it. Hold yourself responsible and go public with your goals so others can, too. That way reaching for the chips will have bigger consequences. After the 30 days your tastes may have changed and potato chips might not be something you crave anymore as your body adapts to healthier foods.

2. Ask your family to buy healthier brands, not buy chips at all, or hide the chips from you. Not always as effective depending on your family’s views on health and food, but could help if you explain to them what’s up.

3. Fill up on clean, healthy fruits and veggies. When you’re hungry or craving chips, instead go and make a salad or throw together an acai bowl.

Good luck!


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