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HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training: Strength and Body Sculpting Fitness


For most people, weight loss is a long drawn out process involving long hours on the treadmill with no apparent results. You try and restrict yourself from eating one thing or the other, counting calories and starving yourself but to no real avail. You spend hours and hours in the gym, but have very little to show for it. Either you end up reach a plateau that you just can’t seem to overcome, or you just fall off the wagon all together, discouraged by the lack of results.

High Intensity Interval Training solves just that. An innovation in weight loss workout techniques, this workout plan is a sure way to lose those extra pounds and have it show in a short period of time. Or maybe you aren’t interested in weight loss, but in increasing your endurance and athletic capabilities and are looking to try this workout technique to do just that. This book is your one stop guide to HIIT, and how you can use it to get back in shape!

This book elaborates on:

• Why this is the weight loss technique that you should be adopting

• The HIIT workout plan and exercises

• The dietary modifications you should make to compliment your workout

• Setting your weight loss goals and seeing them materialize

High Intensity Interval Training is a very flexible workout plan, that can be done anywhere at any time and it can be used to compliment your existing workout plan or as a separate work out altogether. Thus try it out now and lose weight fast, or just achieve a better conditioned athletic body!


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