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HindaWi 11-44 Lbs Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Exerciser Wrist Strength Training


100% New Brand and New Design
Adjustable Different Resistance 11 – 44 lb (5kg – 20kg)
High Quality Carbon Steel Spring and Non Slip handled handgrip
Portable and Convenient,to Exercise in Company,School,home and so on
Strengthen hand, fingers, wrist, forearms, Release Pressure anywhere and anytime
Package Contents:
1 x Adjustable Hand Grip (Orange)

Product Features

  • Quick adjustable different resistance 11 – 44 lb (5-20kg)
  • Strengthen hand, fingers, wrist, forearms
  • Anti-slip structure
  • Spring Carbon Steel
  • Plastic Handle


Shopoholic says:

This hand grip strengthener is a great addition to any workout routine This hand grip strengthener is a great addition to any workout routine. You can use this any time anywhere at the convenience of sting at home, watching tv, lying on the bed or reading a book. Its compact and very easy to use. Its great for body conscious people which is why I took the chance to try the product for my honest review. Its got quick adjustable different resistance ranging between 11 – 44 lbIt strengthens the hand, fingers, wrist and forearms. This fits almost any hand size…

RioRichard says:

Get strong. 0

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